• Dickish Eyebrower

    This is a conversational, inspirational rap song

  • Truth Hurts

    As a professional and a business owner, I would concur with many of the precepts herein. If you want reward, take risks…be your own boss or at least a lone wolf… and do it while you are young. Don't trust older men with their "broker bullshit": develop the business, I take the rewards. Get it in writing up front and get it drafted by a lawyer. Life is such a paradox: money isn't everything but it makes the world go 'round. Moneydefinitely talks to the Chivettes. With enough success, Tapiture chicks. Good luck.

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    […] We make you think, […]

  • fromez123

    I am absolutely floored by this…..I have so many questions now.

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