Alexandra Markina toes the line between sexy and needing a hamburger (28 Photos)

Some of you will recognize Alexandra from photographer Alexander Tikhomirov's now-famous Nike Underboob shoot. She sparked quite a debate on theCHIVE when I featured her last. Some Chivers thought she was quite lovely while others thought she was a few fries short of full meal. Let's settle this...

  • P.rick

    Deflate the boobs and the lips, and re-inflate her crack-addled body – this clothes hanger should invest in FOOD instead of spoons & straws!

  • Chris

    WOW. So fine.

  • Ryan

    Just a little to ribby


    OK CHIVE, I hope you read all the comments, because here is a solution……use the same web link or wtv you use to have people vote on ''''chive T-shirts'' contest………have people vote from 1 to 10 on this lovely lady and post the results for us!….with an average as well………..will be more effective than reading a ton of comments!…thnx 🙂

  • Albus

    I mean I would do it…

  • brock


  • DrFunkenstein

    Fake chesticles, fake lips, and ribs you can play like a washboard… No thanks.

  • paulie

    good body but hideous face

  • @FBaroni2006

    #29 Cute face, nice rack… but she definitely needs a few more pounds.

  • Dmac

    She is oh so sexy

  • John

    like the fact that i click that link and tits pop up … wow dude .. say that it isn't safe for work..

  • Juan

    Guys don't know a real girl when they see it.. She has had work done in her body to make her look so called "perfect"

  • Charlie

    She's super hot

  • Mike

    I'm certainly not going to be picky or elitistt. She's definitely way hot and I definitely would smash it repeatedly if the opportunity presented itself ….but gaining 5-10 pounds or so would NOT be bad for her. It would just give her a couple little curves in all the right places.

  • Trolololololol

    I like my girls like I like my chicken…Battered!

  • ryan

    She is extremely skinny,….that being said. Would bang(9/10)

  • Alan

    Nice but would not want her thighs to be any thinner

  • Riley Freeman

    Tough crowd. I think she's gorgeous. She doesn't look unhealthy. She doesn't look like she's starving. She's just thin. And stunning!

  • ElementalWindX

    Is there anything genuine about this chick? Fake tits, unnaturally thin, collagened lips.

    She looks like she came out of a Nazi Daycare.

  • Keith_D

    She's definitely cute, but she needs to eat some chips… And then a cheeseburger… And then some pizza… And some cake…

    Just my opinion

  • Dbchitown

    Incredibly hot girls gotta work hard for that. And sure she still eats a burger here and there. Americans are complacent with obesity so this why many will not find her attractive

  • VivaLaV48

    Very beautiful face, but were it not for her boobs, she's look like a 12 year old. Too skinny.

  • maythe4thbewithyou

    For everyone who does not like, please keep moving on, I will take her from here. Thank you all for coming out. She is perfect!

  • Maffu

    Simple advice – when your knees are fatter than the rest of your legs it's time to start eating the cake again.

  • Rick

    My wife is naturally skinny and gets a hard time from some of her chubby friends and co workers. She eats the same as me, cheeseburgers, nachos, chips… She just doesn't put on the weight the same. But again in this pic she looks anorexic #10

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