Alexandra Markina toes the line between sexy and needing a hamburger (28 Photos)

Some of you will recognize Alexandra from photographer Alexander Tikhomirov's now-famous Nike Underboob shoot. She sparked quite a debate on theCHIVE when I featured her last. Some Chivers thought she was quite lovely while others thought she was a few fries short of full meal. Let's settle this...

  • spike

    some girls can pull "skinny" off she is one of those girls
    da-da-daayyyyuuuuuuuum #30

  • sam jay

    Beautiful! Skinny but beautiful!

  • Izabye

    Women are awesome…period. When people start making comments about whether she's too fat or too skinny, they forget to ask the important question first: Is she happy? All commentary after that is unnecessary.

  • Andrew

    She looks like a starving African child with titty ball implants

  • sask. chiver

    she just has a small rib cage and wide hips. so it gives the illusion of being super skinny when in reality she is probably a correct and healthy weight. so she really doesn't need to change anything when in reality she isn't able to anyways

  • ImpressMe

    #29 Cute…but for God's sake eat a sandwich or three…..

  • Josh

    Give her a hamburger

  • ciames

    2 hamburgers and some beers

  • Chike Pemberton

    Her fake tits are the only meat that is on her body….smh

    I'd still hit tho!!

  • mike

    while gaining 5 pounds wouldnt hurt the way she looks, i think shes damn close to perfect.

  • waltgator

    thick, curvy, skinny, fat, women are hot~ and so is she!

  • Dave

    Soooo fuckable #15

  • turdferguson

    Needs some food, I'd be afraid I'd break her.

  • PityTheFool

    Love the skinny hate. Some people are just born small and no matter how much they eat, they don't gain weight. Personally witnessed girls her size murder multiple double cheeseburgers and never gain a pound. This broad isn't anorexic, she's just skinny. And every dude saying they wouldn't hit that probably enjoys jacking off to Ricki Lake

  • Adam

    Post is in poor taste. Should be removed.

  • Chris

    Easily bang….SUPER HOT!!!

  • F3n1x187

    Holy McDouche comments!!!!

    This is a new low chive, smh!

  • GeauxWhiteSox

    WAAYY to skinny …. not hot.

  • Guest

    Wish people would stop saying she's just skinny. When you are skinny you don't have your shoulder bones sticking out of your shoulder or rib cage sticking out.

  • Crash_N_Burn

    Too skinny.

  • Ben

    Too skinny.

  • Matt

    skinny is normally not this dang nice…..she has the body, skinny or not…..tell you what, I'll take her and the two of us can decide if she needs to eat the burger, or if I just smear it all over her and eat it myself

  • Anti-Duck

    For the love of god, kill the duck face!!!

  • NoZ

    There's something oddly sexy about being able to fit in an AE bag….

  • EdM

    Beautiful and healthy woman…not the typical fat assed American woman that thinks curves = fat. Thank god.

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