Girls and graffiti are a match made in Heaven (36 Photos)

  • JLw

    Dirty hood rats. No thanks

  • Barry

    #22 #25 I'm really enjoying this gallery

  • tim

    Sexy girls? More like skanks sporting graffiti

  • Hero Sheema

    These girls are skankier than the normal chive girls….I didn't think it could be done.

  • Prettyswellguy

    I love this! So unique and very well done. So how long before we start seeing these as real tattoos?

  • dave

    Not nearly as entertaining as "If you like tattoos".

  • Jordy

    #13, That painting in the background is AWESOME haha

  • sterling

    #13 what in the hell is in the background on the left of this picture??

  • Matt Knight

    Honestly, this is an interesting concept, but not sexy at all. Except for #22.

  • spliggs

    Graffiti is to art what rap is to music.

  • kimoho

    Want moat#5, & #22!!! fINd#22. Chive find her please

  • canels

    i like this, Graffiti+Girls ummm…

  • Niitsitapi13

    Wow, trashy. Just trashy

  • nick

    # 25 damn hot on so many levels!

  • DJ Twitch

    I just learned a hell of a lot about myself seeing this. Thankyou, this is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Ryan

    Annnnnnnnnnd 97% of them are CHOLAS.

  • mikeraw

    #19 proves the photoshop… really? A spray paint color that perfectly matches undies?


  • jb366

    Someone painted graffiti on a bunch on dumpsters. Nothing special here

  • theG_Man

    Sooooo who's privilege is it to do this art?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 #13 – ya, not really digging this fad.

  • pw206

    Interesting post…but I liked it #23

  • Dydy

    This is freakin cool. Graffi takes talent to make it look good and not a complete splash of crap that looks like your dog dragged his ass through paint. Not everyone will appreciate it, hell not many people appreciate art altogether and would prefer it gone but this is some canvas I can definitely get behind and practice bodypaint graffiti on. no puns… yet #5, #9, #17, #23, #31

  • @dawg065

    #17 and #31 moar please ❤ ❤

  • LBF 4 ever

    awesome work

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