Tiffani Thiessen turns 39, takes some photos (5 Photos)

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  • The Dude

    I've always had a thing for her.

    That thing is called a boner.

  • Samuel

    Others have pointed it out, but note the lack of belly/lower belly photos. She's still beautiful, but without some serious work we all get soft in the middle in our late 30s (if not sooner).

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – already posted, but worth saying again. kaPOWski indeed!!

  • JustTrollin

    #7 She is one AMAZIN' looking woman, 39 or not. And, by the way, she still looks like she's in her 20's! Way to go, Tiff!

  • Dean

    Kelly Kapowski is and will always be what I will judge every woman by.

  • Dan

    And still super fine
    Keep chiving on

  • anon

    yeah even my girlfriend looks good when we strategically cover her stomach area with miscellaneous things. i bet her stomach area looks like a Blobfish. Google that shit

  • FranchisePlayer

    Nothing special, and she suffers from the haggard face that so many white women develop around 30

  • Macro

    #11 #22 #25
    39 and still as gorgeous as she ever was, she's aging better than wine! I always wanted to marry Kelly.

  • Dan

    God what a beautiful woman I have had a thing for her since she was Kelly kapowski and even more so now WOW positively breath taking

  • RetiredChief

    Wow. 39. Still Hot!!

  • Pikesville

    #7 My wife is like an ugly, fat version of her.

    • ManCrusher

      Wow. You sound like a real prize yourself there, ya turdburgler. Let's see a pic of YOU. Ya balding fat fuck

  • CanadianPiper

    Kelly Kapowski – Once a smoke show…always a smoke show #1

  • mikeraw

    Wow, this entire photoshoot made me feel so so so bad for her… Hope she decides to keep her dignitty and stop trying to madonna herself

  • Dydy

    Original, Top shelf, Grade A, Limited Special Edition, Director's Cut M.I.L.F.. GAHDAMN #7

  • Bob

    #26 If she buys the drinks, I'm in.

  • Big_Franz

    Goddam, if anything she's only got hotter since Saved By the Bell. Best looking 39 year old on the planet. If I were Zack Morris I'd be begging to shoot a re-make!


    I'd go lesbo for Tiffany! Totally had a girl crush on her back in the day. She is still gorgeous and proves one can age gracefully without all the plastic surgery

  • yermon

    ass orly.

  • E-J

    Somebody let Bill Simmons and Matthew Berry know.

  • freezer boy

    #7 Spread em wide Tiff, here comes the lumber!

  • Busternut

    Wild dogs wouldn't drag me off her.

  • fut

    she doesn't allow one shot of her stomach. I'm guessing gunt

  • Og22

    Sup with The Granny panties and huge bra?

  • RedHotChivette

    what a healthy beautiful woman!!!

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