I was led to believe that people weren’t supposed to be able to move like this (Video)

Marquese Scott, also known as “Nonstop”, is a YouTube personality and hip hop/dubstep street dancer who’s work is unbelievable.

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Set Fire To The Rain (Ember Waves Dubstep Remix) is the name of the song

  • patrick907


    • sfb101


    • Dutch

      Really, shut the fuck up.

    • Child Please

      If I ever meet a guy named patrick in atx I'm gonna kick him in the dick.

  • Parkview

    Step 1 dislocate all your bones

  • Harry

    Just learned that Caleb Moore, the guy in the DAR (or DMA can't remember), who was injured at the x-games dies. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Hope there's a lot of snow up there for you, Caleb.

    • Courtesy Flush

      Yep. At least he died doing what he loves.

      • explorataur

        True that. Living here is an impermanent thing. Best get it while it's good. I'm sure Caleb knew that.

  • Unathletic Troll


    • Dooples

      Agreed! The give away is if you watch the plants in the background. The leaves and branches move erratically, thus the film has been touched up and altered. Cool, otherwise.

      • Amanda

        You are stupid. This guy is all over you tube, and is insanely talented…

  • Courtesy Flush

    Dear Chive: Is there something wrong with the comments? Seem's a bit outa wack.

    • Jaives

      Been having the same issue. But it's Chrome. Switched to Firefox. All is well.

      • Courtesy Flush

        Nope, using it and still can only do 1 comment then have to reload entire page.

        • True_Story

          ok me too…. was wondering

  • Eze

    This guy is awesome we saw him in Vegas killin it!

  • Peterpan

    Wait……how the fuck is there fire? It's raining! This doesn't make sense.

    • Chivalrous

      How crazy is Adele?

      The bitch set FIRE to the rain.

  • Carl

    What if he wasn't dancing, bust just some drunk high on gas fumes being recorded



    • Eire MC

      You misspelled your name. It should be T R O L L.
      Fuck off Troll.

  • hmmmm

    Those are some killer special effects!!!

  • Ole

    Crazy talent…could have done without the doucher with the blowtorch

    • Justin

      This guy always gets people saying he's fake, and that he alters the timing and framerate of his videos to make it look like this while he is moving normally…

      he started using a lot of things in the foreground to prove them otherwise like balloons, grass blowing, desk fans spinning and in this case: flames and smoke.

  • YOYO

    Still better then Gangnam Style!!!

    • Jesus Christ

      All day, everyday.

  • Amy

    holy crap that's impressive

  • sfb101

    If I tried that I'd break something…

  • http://twitter.com/hausmaus07 @hausmaus07

    Check this dude out too. If i remember correctly, these guys and a couple more, are out of a ATL krew called Dragonhouse.

    • Rizz67

      There's a bunch of them that perform all over Atlanta, they were with http://www.watchtheduck.com at opera. Glitch is the one that was big on a dance reality show.

      • live4funk

        This cat used to be from a crew called Remote Kontrol. You should check them all out. they are pretty fresh

  • boatin

    the move at :53 is magic

    • El_Hefe

      good stop motion video… you can clearly see the camera where it starts and stops

  • kanoland

    Bob – i have a comment for the editor… "who’s work is unbelievable", whose work is unbelievable

    • Poopy

      Also, it's missing the word be in the title…weren't supposed to be able to*

  • IrishInNJ

    I could not dislike this dancing/fu*king about more if I tried.

  • RedHotChivette

    I bet he moves real good in the sack 😉

    • Leeks

      Mostly just jerky robotic movements. But he also looks completely uninterested while doing it. So there is that.

  • MylesofStyles

    I didn't know Popeye Jones had a son that could dance…

  • K-Ed

    That's really amazing, so talented

  • jshiver15

    Literal interpretation of this song:

    <img src="http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzx4n6Vn9e1qcp3iro1_500.gif"&gt;

  • Dapper_Dave

    Whatever, I look exactly like that when i dace……in my head.

  • disguested

    And what does he do for work?

    • Child Please

      shut the fuck up

    • Justin

      This guy always gets people saying he's fake, and that he alters the timing and framerate of his videos to make it look like this while he is moving normally…

  • SD_Scott

    Do you think this can be taught? Or are some people just born able to move like this?

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