I was led to believe that people weren’t supposed to be able to move like this (Video)

Marquese Scott, also known as “Nonstop”, is a YouTube personality and hip hop/dubstep street dancer who’s work is unbelievable.

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Set Fire To The Rain (Ember Waves Dubstep Remix) is the name of the song

  • MPMoore

    The only thing creepier than people dancing like this is a Tool video.

  • trey

    That is one fancy ass robot.

  • PDub

    Is he wearing the Marty McFly shoes from Back to the Future?

  • Sexual

    Quick get him a hamburger!!!!

  • Tim

    Why couldn't he be white?

  • Airmaxx23

    I'm sure others enjoy this but it does nothing for me, along with the "music".

  • chron247

    That's pretty dope! HE'S GOT MAD SKILLZ YO!

  • Redneval67

    So easy a caveman can do it.

  • CWP

    He does have some mad skillz. Seen most of his videos. But I can't help laugh at the thought of the production meeting where someone suggested filming it in the rain and then using a blow torch across the camera everytime the word 'fire' is mentioned.

  • Frank

    This is what I think I dance like when I'm drunk….

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    I remember when it was referred to as "Pop n Lock"……….

  • Kevin

    Same dude. Fuckin skills, yo.

  • Advert Vet

    Something tells me that he doesn't have a 401K.

  • Live4funk

    siiiick! I saw him battle again slim boogie in a street competition and he made it all the way to the final. He has got mad skill and technique on point. Many koodos!

  • Gregatron

    I don't know who's better; him or iGlide…

  • P0rkFl!edL!c3

    Fucking amazing. That is all.

  • MattyIce

    Wow, imagine what he can do in bed.

  • Peter29

    That's dubstep, It's a pretty cool electronic music genre when you get a hang of it, just like rock&roll- The dancing skills of this dude are just amazing nevermind the track for those whom don't lke it.

  • TChrisB

    Shields and Yarnell got a TV Variety Show out of this stuff in the 70's.

  • Canucks_Rule

    this dude blows my mind.

  • Darthishtar

    Burn the witch

  • Tim

    It looks pretty dumb, but it's still talent nonetheless.

  • Visitohr

    Nice moves… I guess the reason I cant move like that is, I would be fixing that fence instead of dancing.

  • adam

    I'm sorry, but this is time lapse, you can watch stuff in the background move unnaturally.

  • Marcus

    Redskins fans wish RGIII's knee could bend like that

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