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  • crustybubblechunks

    #5 I want to punch this girl in the ovaries

    • Kfkf

      With your dick.

      • nix

        No, I'm pretty sure stupid is contagious

    • Jesus Christ

      Ungrateful, that's the word of this generation. I am disappoint.

      • Ryan

        If I added together the weekly allowance I earned growing up, over a span of 12 years for doing chores, I still made less than this bitch. Jesus help me.

        • Jesus Christ

          It pisses me off a lot. Stupid little fucks like this don't understand what it really takes to be a parents. Hundreds of thousand of dollars, time, being a parents ages you more than anything else in your life. You lose sleep, vacations, and anything fun you wanted to do before this shit was born. These motherfuckers think they are entitled to everything just because they are alive. Your parents loved you so much that they willingly did all this for you and you say you HATE them. Hate is an extremely harsh word, and kids throw it around like it's nothing. Honestly I hope she becomes a parent to see what it really is like to have to raise an ungrateful child, and how her parents felt about what she was saying. I hope she gets her shit together before her parents die, she will regret saying these things and not understanding the unconditional love that a parent has for a child and how words cut deeper than any action. Plus your vagina gets ruined too so there's that. This is what to world has come to, and it saddens me. I was lucky if I got what I asked for for Christmas. I don't know how many times I asked for an N64 and yet Santa never brought it. But I understood, even though I was young, that something like that, while it might be considered cheap today, was not in the budget. This is why today, I ask nothing from my parents for Christmas so as not to waste what can be used for something more important, my siblings do the same. I might not have a child but I get it, this is why I spend lots of money, even though I don't have to, on gifts for my parents as a repayment for everything they did for me in my life. Cherish what you have while you have it, it won't be there forever. Peace and love.

          • boblawblagh

            you do know you ended that negative batshit crazy rant with "peace and love " right?

            • Jesus Christ


    • Dibo

      And take her money GTA style

    • zhengcl86

      heck if i even get socks for christmas i'll be happy, kids are way to spoiled these days

    • Guest

      Ungrateful little brat! It's parents fault for even wanting to give 750 dollars . That's why women these days expect everything and don't give anything

      • Turrebo

        Some women are expecting, and will give birth. That's quite a thing to give. This one wanted to give $750,- as well.

        • Cody

          Is your comment a poem?

    • dd324

      This reminds me when my dad completely ruined my sweet 16 and got me a range rover instead of a land rover

      • CanadianMedic

        not to ruin your comment but I think you got that backward unless you wanted the cheaper one

    • Ron Burgundy

      Straight to the baby maker 👊

      • Ms. Corningstone


    • Notknowing

      Aaawwwwww what's wrong? Are your diamond shoes too tight?

    • NyquilJones

      I think that's an ovary action

      • Cavalierfan

        Hilarious! Nicely done, sir!

      • thedude325

        Best pun ever. Very clever. 10/10.

        • Sam Perkins

          Excellent commenter. A++++++++ comment. Highly recommended.

    • duh

      probably better to just have them removed, no chance of reproducing a spoiled brat child of her own

    • Leprechaun

      Next time you buy her twenty gifts worth $1. There problem solved she got gifts. Lol
      Or better yet 20 1 cent candies wrapped in big box's lmao

  • Jugger Nuggss

    #24 THANK YOU!

    • midget smasher

      Is it wrong I 'liked' this comment?

    • TheBAMFinater

      Starts slow clapping….

      • bignewf

        Epic response i love it

    • fire

      That escalated quickly….

    • Frits

      Legend response!!! Sir I take my hat off too you… Respect

  • jasgat66

    If that was my kid not only would I disown her… I would hire a collection agency to get my money back. JUST IN SPITE…

    • Harry

      If it was my kid… oh wait. My kids won't do that because I won't be a horrible fucking parent.

      • davo

        ungrateful little shit

    • Hugh

      Maybe it was pesos or yen where 750 would only buy gum or a tooth pick. Or maybe she was just the product of self-indulgent parents that don't realize a child is for life, or atleast the length of their life.

  • MattKL

    #6 FTW

  • @ThomyGold

    #24 Couldn't agree more!

  • Casey

    Wish people would stop that shit… so agree with #24

  • PDiddily420

    Kids today are assholes(and mildly to severely mentally challenged).

  • Brandon

    I wish I could go back in time and like these myself

  • Blue Bronco

    Please don't block their names. Must troll.

  • patrick907

    Austin Texas unofficial chive meetup e mail me at

    • peanut3603

      How many times are you going to post that shit, we get it. You want to be John and host a party.

    • Davis

      I don't recommend putting your email on the internet for EVERYONE to see.

      P.S. you may soon receive an email with a picture of my dog's dick

      • Urethra Franklin

        How many of those are already stored on your phone?

      • Dick pics ftw!

        I sent him a pic of MY dick, I suggest everyone else do the same!

        • derps McSherbs

          Insert Zoom, and picture clarity joke here

        • emorris

          Okay, send me a picture of your dick and ill then send it to him…

      • Jen

        is he packing?

  • ron jeremy's jizzrag

    i wish my grandma stepped on my shit…

  • thaomeow

    #5 #15 *facedesk*

    • Joel

      As far as #5, I hope you mean banging her head forcefully on the desk and not your own.

    • Livin' Legend

      There's only one word appropriate to describe this creature, and I'm too nice a guy to say it.

      Wait, no I'm not.


  • StarboardEngine

    I will never understand the enfatuation some people have in collecting "likes."

    Please like if you agree.

    • Done Right

      I don't know if I am suppose to like this or not… Did Laugh pretty hard tho.

      • StarboardEngine

        Just "like" it dammit! Just "like" it! Questions like that aren't doing anything to help me get to a million…. which in turn will get me nothing.

    • Hrdwood

      Oh, I thought is was licks… well that explains the enfatuation part…

      • EvilRoySlade

        Well now my computer screen is dirty

    • whoops

      I never understood people's infatuation with using words they don't know how to spell

      • StarboardEngine

        Nor do I understand why some people refuse to use a period at the end of their sentences. It's really not that difficult. <— See. It's kind of fun actually…. Whoa, four periods in a row! Crazy! I think I'm INFATUATED with periods now. Cheers for the grammatical lesson.<— another period!

    • SkierBob

      Can't believe how many people fell for this, good on ya engine.

  • jshiver15



  • OhioChiver

    #11 Or perhaps, your erection?

    • Cory


  • @LosSaysSwag

    #5 I hope your mom read this, slapped the shit out of you, and took you with her while she spent the money on herself while you watched. Then made you hold everything she bought.
    #22 Fucking love this.
    #24 Amazing response.

    • Big_Okie

      The problem with #5 is that the parents are probably just as big of douche bags for having such a self absorbed twat of a daughter.

  • MylesofStyles

    #5 And to think there are laws against spanking children…

    • Jerk

      um… no there's not… you can spank your children, you can't beat them and leave them for dead tho, which this girl needs badly.

    • socalmarti

      Ask me about all the fucks I give about those laws!

  • sfb101

    #2, #24 WIN!
    #5 What a little Bitch!

  • tv_paul

    #19 On the bright side, it looks like you may someday become a unicorn.

    • grumpy

      Oh man–her Facebook profile is totally public! Take a look at these OTHER photos!:

      • buttsnstuff


      • LoFromWisco

        I spent way too much time of my life on her Facebook page. I'm not proud.

  • BigOxley

    #24 white people lol

    • jay

      Black people lol.
      Hispanic people lol.
      You people lol.

  • Pipeliner

    #24 that really escalated quickly

  • echogeo

    Oh look! A rare sighting of the Puking Douche. Also known to take coins from your car's ashtray when you're not looking.

  • 515

    #24 truly truly pathetic!

  • dc gorski

    Who is more bad ass, Chuck Norris or The Most Interesting Man In The World?

    • Ghettoblaster

      Shut the fuck up.

  • SD_Scott

    Props to the guy in #24…

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