Parenting isn’t for everybody (31 Photos)

  • ANDY7290

    i have no problem with parents giving their children guns as gifts, as long as those parents are teaching them how to properly handle those firearms. but chainsaws and alligators i do not support.

  • sigma1134

    #3 #15 #26
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with these three photos. Learning to shoot is a tradition in a lot of American families. These instances it is done properly with the parent within arms reach teaching the child. As for #26 it is a right to own firearms in this country and there is nothing wrong with gifting one to your son or daughter.

    • ghgh

      So incredibly gay.

  • Guest

    Guns are not weapons, they are tools. Turning them into a weapon is the decision of the handler. Any part of the human body, especially the mind, can be turned into a weapon. Do you want that taken away as well?

    • uihdf

      what a fucking moron.

  • @Sedfra

    #9 I just can't stop laughing at this video! I know it's wrong, but still…….

  • Anomanom

    #3 #15 #26 Guns are fine for adults, they are not for children. Just like the power tools, the bottles under the sink, and driving the car.

  • Joe

    #26 Way to block out the name you guys…

  • SATXChiver

    C'mon Bob.. I come here to get away from political issues

  • ThePatriot

    #3 why isn't that good parenting? The kid has good form, he's holding the firearm properly, his dad is steadying him, he's wearing hearing and eye protection. Also learning the importance of the 2nd Amendment early on. Good American kid, we could use more like him.

    • hsdfa

      What a fucking moron.

      • Frank

        I LOVE how pisse dof the anti's are seeing how most people arnt buying their BS.

        There is not one anti post on here that isn't "DERP! YER DUMB" LOL.
        If private gun ownership was so bad, you think you might hear even one logical argument against it.

        But alas, you got nothing, so childish name calling will have to do.

        Maybe leave politics to the grownups?

        • poiu

          Typical hick grammar and spelling.

          • ThePatriot

            who are you calling a hick bud? I live in the city and am well educated. I'm also a vegetarian. Watch yourself there bud.

  • Brian

    When did the Chive let that goon Piers Morgan join the team. I've noticed alot more pro gun control posts on here lately. Seems the Chive is starting to show their true colors. I'd like it to stay pretty in between, but too much more and see yall later.

  • chivettelover

    Seeing the overall positive response to the "fails" about responsible parents teaching the safe and proper use of firearms is a positive sight to see/read.

  • Ford


    Im sorry but I dont see this as a fail. The child is being taught everything he needs to safely shoot a gun, if your parents are big into guns and want to teach the children, and do it right. theres nothing wrong with this!

  • Stephen Hawkins

    I doubt the gun pics were meant to be interpreted as literal fails, let alone any kind of political message. It's just unusual, and thus kinda funny, to see little kids with big guns.

  • Deus

    Pretty sure this is the first post that ive ever been disappointed by the chive for… # 3, 15, 26 … none of these are fails at all, and for chive to think advocating fire arm responsibility / familiarity is a fail. is about as disheartening as it comes, and incredibly ironic for the amount of support that goes to The Brigade, most of the people involved with these pics were probably military affiliated.

  • Gonndo

    I really don't care how many negative votes I'm gonna get for this, but I just have to say it…

    #3, #15 and #26 are exactly THE REASON everybody on earth hates THE UNITED STATES.

    In which well-educated head, could even dare to CONCIEVE the idea that a WEAPON in a kid's hand is a good idea??? Seriously??? After all the tragedies that involve guns, schools and children, there are still people who think teaching kids how to use "responsibly" a gun is a good thing for society???

    And one last thing: I'm from a country which struggles everyday with violence and death, but the last thing I'm gonna teach my kids is how to use a weapon "for protection" or "for the responsibility of gun's control", because I think, for my kid, is more important to learn real values from baseball or basketball, not from a gun.

    Good day everyone and Chive On

  • LBF 4 ever


  • Fish

    #29 Typical White Trash Asshole Parental Failures

  • Arod529

    #3 #15 #26
    Bob… your an idiot…

    • Gonndo


  • Hannibal4467

    I come here for the pics and for the laughs. I don't come here for politics. #3, #15 and #26 are great pictures of parents teaching their kids how to shoot, self-defense and gun safety. Please keep your politics to yourself and I will keep mine to myself.

  • ElTunaGrande

    #8 Emmy Rossum??

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