Parenting isn’t for everybody (31 Photos)

  • Sean

    Free Ireland!

    • UWFSAE

      With purchase of equal or greater value?

      • FunKiller

        And that's how they get you……every time!

    • Truth

      From what? it's devisive religious idiocy?

    • Kyle

      …with every value meal, this week at McDonalds.

    • peter griffin

      Is this kind of like free Tibet? If so I'll take it.

  • AnItalianChiver

    #15 bad parenting? Nope if there is a taliban on the other side…

    • colorado

      When that girl grows up she is going to know how to parallel park, get a job, pick good guys, and defend herself. Because she has an awesome dad.

      • randomperson32

        #15 just heard there was going to be a remake of The Professional and wants Natalie Portman's role.

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Fucked up American gun logic…..

      • AnItalianChiver

        Sarcasm anyone? Jeeees

        Edit: I deleted my previous comment bc obviously I failed on being sarcastic with aussie.. As I said in one of my other comment, the problem is the mental disease and inexperience with firearms.. Now, if you don't mind give me that huge thing (owwwait that sounded a bit awkward)

      • B-to-the-H

        Learning how to properly use something in case you need it and learning a healthy respect for firearms seems pretty logical to me.

        • Chivette

          my thoughts exactly. I always see fathers bringing their young children in to our local shooting range all the time for gun safety classes and in this day and age I don't see why this isn't MORE common

        • Rogue

          You should be fucking sterilised.

          • B-to-the-H

            I bet you're the kind of person who thinks nothing bad will ever happen to them so there would be no need at all to defend themselves.

            Nobody is saying arm everyone in theUSA, especially children. And having a healthy respect for dangerous objects so you are extra careful around them is not only logical but also removes the entire "fear of the unknown" factor.

          • Turtle

            Funny how the antigun response is the only violent response.

      • Ole

        Dipshit Aussie response.

      • Han Solo

        Yeah, our guns suck. . .Unless idiot countries like your own need them to protect you.

      • Frank

        Someone is just jelly that they were duped into giveing up their freedoms, and it did nothing to the crime rate.

    • Willy

      I see nothing wrong with #3 #15 or #26.

      • AnItalianChiver

        Indeed…. Besides the safety, I love the 0.50 cal
        That thing is huuuuge

        • Davis

          That's more likely a .338 Lapua Mag

          • David

            That's a Barrett 98B in .338 Lapua Mag. Good Call Davis

      • James Carnath

        All excellent. Teaching your kids to handle firearms means that they don't have to learn on their own, unsupervised. Props to parents who have the balls to treat guns like any other tool.

      • Anjin-San

        but they all can't drink 'till they are 21
        seems legit…

        • Observationalist

          But they can be raped, murdered, etc before they are 21 so that may be why the difference

          • Anjin-San

            I always take my granade launcher with me, to save me from rapers…

      • dutch

        because there is nothing wrong with any of them.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #30 irresponsible

    • lame

      you have no idea…back to the basement etccr

    • Tony

      Why are there coons in the zoo? Why would people what to look at them?

    • Jesus Christ

      Something along these lines happened at my local zoo recently. A mother and son were looking down into the pit of wild African dogs. The mother took her son (age 2) and stood him on the edge of the railing. Well naturally he fell in and got torn apart by the dogs.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #5 Where the FUCK are your pants?

    • The_Dood

      They're there, but well, not much of them is on the outside anymore…

  • jshiver15


    I'm pretty sure there's a picture out there of me holding my son in one arm with a beer in the other. Having an adult beverage doesn't always equate to getting shit-faced.

    • EastTN~RT

      Nope, just means you're so pathetic you can't go without !

      • thom

        By her comments, it implies she is at home during the day with her kid. So, while home a lone during the day time she feels the need to drink?!?! Maybe she has a problem.
        If you are at a dinner or a party with a baby, and have a drink with other adults. No problem.

        • @Alysse_Madrid

          haha! This is me! This is not my child! she is my little Cousin! I am not a mother at all!! Nor do I want to be! I am a full-time college student with two jobs! haha! Thanks Chive for making me famous! getting all the followers on Instagram! keep em comin! xoxo! future housewife and trophy wife

      • jshiver15

        Your mom doesn't think I'm too pathetic.

    • CanadianMom

      Couldn't agree more!

    • @Alysse_Madrid

      haha! This is me! This is not my child! she is my little Cousin! I am not a mother at all!! Nor do I want to be! I am a full-time college student with two jobs! haha! Thanks Chive for making me famous! getting all the followers on Instagram! keep em comin! xoxo! future housewife and trophy wife

  • janco

    #11 Not that bad! It actually helps prevent spine deformities.

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #3 #15 #26 And you freaks wonder why people keep killing each other in schools and movie theaters…
    Have a good hard look at what you are teaching your kids…For fuck sake

    • Dave

      These kids know how to properly respect, maintain and operate a firearm. I bet you'll never see them shooting up a theater or a school. Newsflash! This is fairly common among responsible parents in rural areas. I grew up doing the same stuff, never shot anybody.

    • isaac

      its exactly why the US is having such a problem with guns
      its quite sad really

      • Brian

        Criminals, drug addicts, gangsters and the mentally deranged is what causes the problems, not kids who learn how to shoot and respect a firearm and learn they are a tremendous responsibility.

        You think there is a "gun" problem because the media is liberal and hates guns, simple. (and I'm not a conservative or Republican)

        • poopants

          Agree with your 1st statement, but your 2nd statement sounds like a Fox "news" bit…..

          • Mikey

            shut up im an independent and fox news gives news 10 fold better then any other american news station hah

            • Mikey

              least they have their opposition on once and a while unlike MSNBC where its just a huge circle jerk

          • JESSE

            Fox News isn't even a drop in the bucket. The ratio of Regressive to Conservative media outlets isn't even close. If you can name 5 right-wing sources off the top of your head I would be astonished. Meanwhile… CNN, MSNBC, HLN, anything on NBC, Current TV, CBS evening news, Time, Newsweek, The Nation, The New York Times, The LA Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Sun Times, The Huffington Post, Salon, Reuters, nearly all of the Associated Press, not to mention "entertainment" like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, anything by Michael Moore, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Any Sitcom given enough seasons, ANY movie about politics, really anything from Hollywood

            • Mike

              Darnit! They wont let me hit the thumbs up more than once for this post!

    • Nate the

      there's nothing wrong with these pics, the earlier that a kid learns gun safety the less likely they're gonna go do something stupid with one, i don't know about #26 but #3 &15 look like controlled environments. all the people who did all that crazy stuff already had something not right in there head's. guns don't cause people to go insane as they're growing up. and not having guns doesn't stop crazy people from killing. there's serial killers who have silently killed more people in their basement than the crazies that go on a 1 hour rampage shooting people up and then ending their life.

    • AnItalianChiver

      The problem is the fucking mental disease.. Get your facts straight for a moment.. I don't call myself a gun lover but a psycho can easily massacre a group of armless people with a knife or even with a car or with an homemade bomb.. Take a look at what happened here in Italy with Mr. Vantaggiato.. (Morvillo and Falcone school).
      I don't own a gun but damnnn, honesty I would shoot in the fucking burglar's head if he breaks in my house an beats the shit out of my family.. Just saying….

      • armed

        why would anyone massacre people with no arms?

    • nate the great

      there's nothing wrong with these pics, the earlier that a kid learns gun safety the less likely they're gonna go do something stupid with one, i don't know about #26 but #3 & #15 look like controlled environments. all the people who did all that crazy stuff already had something not right in there head's. guns don't cause people to go insane as they're growing up. and not having guns doesn't stop crazy people from killing. there's serial killers who have silently killed more people in their basement than the crazies that go on a 1 hour rampage shooting people up and then ending their life.

      • Whoa

        I agree with learning gun safety, but unless you're going to be in the military, you probably won't need to use these particular guns. A .50 cal? Really? I mean, guns are fun and all, and the bigger the better, but really?

        • Guest

          The problem isn't "responsible gun safety". That's great. The problem is raising your kids in a culture that prizes guns so highly. Children are being taught at a very young age that guns are cool and necessary. It has become ingrained in the American identity. When you revere weapons, you rever violence, and that's where the major problem comes in. Violence has become second nature in the US, and violence begets violence.

          • PA2AK

            I don't think revere means what you think it means. If we all revered weapons & violence we would hold great honor to or respect the two. Responsible gun safety is just that…responsible. Part of responsible gun safety is realizing that they are capable of taking a life and the importance of life. That is why responsible gun owners would only resort to firing their weapon at another in a life or death situation. The violence as second nature does not come from legal & responsible gun owners. It is a break down of societal norms. No gun rights advocate is preaching violence, instead, respecting the fact that violence is there regardless of law. There are plenty of other industries and groups that do, however. They aren't being blamed though. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

          • Curtis

            I don't revere violence. I DO revere my rights, however.

            • Guest

              But this is exactly my point. Why do you need the right to own guns? A gun is a weapon. Weapons are instruments of violence. By their very presence (and nature), weapons lead to violence. I'm talking about an overhaul of the mentality that requires guns to be owned by any member of society that wants one. The prevalent attitude about gun ownership seems to be defense. I feel like this could go all the way back to the American Revolution. The idea that the English (in this case) could come riding up and take "their " country back was a very real threat. Having a gun meant that you could defend yourself, family, land, and possessions. Time has ingrained that paranoia into the American psyche. The idea that someone is going to try to take something from you is a societal one. It stems from the media preaching fear and demonizing your neighboor. Guns are only a part of this viscious circle (the disproportionate distribution of wealth, and mistreatment of mental illness are also in there), but when they are so easily accessible, they become the nail in the coffin. And please don't preach the "mutually assured destruction" argument, because that is no basis for a society.

              • PA2AK


                Guest…this is a good start for why…even if you don't agree with it. Then you might look up "Battle of Athens, TN". I find it interesting that you trust your government more than you fellow citizen. They don't exactly have a track record of abiding by the laws. Many of those same Governors in support of gun bans can't even own them because of their records. Make consequences for abusing rights. Prosecute the law breakers…not the law abiding citizen.

              • JESSE

                as of January 1, 2013, 400 NEW FEDER@L LAWS were put into action in the US. All that in just 1 year… on a national level, now think of the new STATE and MUNICIPAL laws. To say that our rights are not being taken is so naive it makes me sick.

        • randomperson32

          Thumbs down a guy who doesnt think a girl will need to use a sniper rifle in real life? Yeah, you guys are normal.

          • JESSE

            what a sexist thing to say. I thought liberals were supposed to be the party pushing for gender equality… so much for the "progressive party"

            • JESSE

              clearly you're unfamiliar with recent the lift on women serving in combat for the US military. Not to mention the use of a rifle, no matter the caliber or purpose, is still a skill I would want my daughter to have. Maybe just keep an open mind in the future.

    • xaotikdesigns

      An aussie huh? How do you like those rising violent crime rates?

    • WeThePeople

      OK how are any of these fails? Especially #26 If you don't like guns leave U.S.A

      – V

      • Turrebo

        How are any of these fails?! You Serious?

        Teaching your kids that a gun is the answer to a conflict seems a huge fail to me.
        And don't give me that "guns don't kill people" BS, because while it's true that people kill people, it is also very hard to kill 36 people with your bare hands before you're taken down by bystanders.

        • Bob Barker

          How are they teaching the kids that a gun is the answer to a conflict? They are simply teaching proper operation and respect for the weapon. Granted, any of those kids could in theory still turn out bad, there is still nothing wrong here. One of them could turn out to be an Olympic gold medal marksman. Maybe she'll grow up to be a sniper or police officer who stops the next crazy.

        • Guest

          bystanders don't take anyone down anymore..people are too busy filming it on their phones to upload

          • Mikey

            No, the media just never tells you the stories of people stoping crimes with guns haha

        • sam

          crazy is crazy, guns or no guns.

        • Chad

          You are right, Guns kill people, pens misspell words, eating utensils make people fat, tv's make people dumb, and porn makes people rapists.

          Do you realize how dumb you sound? I've sat in a deer stand for countless hours and never once has my rifle fired of it's own volition, people kill people! With bats, knifes, clubs, and cars! Should we outlaw those too?

        • Buddy

          How is that girl's father saying that a gun is the answer to a conflict. They prob. shoot it together and spend quality time. I promise you my gun stays sitting on my table will not kill anyone.

    • Cybberia

      Newsflash: Simply being exposed to guns does not make you a psychopath who is going to shoot up a school or any public venue for that matter. Millions of kids are exposed to guns, and less than one half of one percent of the population ever use a gun for violence. Answer me this, if video games and exposure to guns cause gun violence, why then since prior to the late 80's were there very very few, if any school shootings? Kids back then, myself included, played "guns" with very realistic looking guns without the bright colors on them, they looked like the real thing. We pointed at each other and shot at each other. Some even had caps that made them sound real. So you are simulating shooting a living body in front of you, with a fairly realistic sound. The 40's through 50's the game cowboys and Indians was very popular, but shooting a bunch of kids who picked on you was not. Back then, kids even were allowed to bring guns to school, because after school they would go hunting. Guns or exposing people to guns is not the issue. It's their mental state.

    • Chad

      You are a fucking idiot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these pics. If there is we better outlaw baseball bats, cars, knives, airplanes, axes, cheeseburgers, fried food, and the list goes on. Do the world a favor and don't be an idiot.

      • randomperson32

        Chad, you should probably calm down there tough guy before you shoot someone.

    • Mikey

      Shut up , if a criminal wants a gun hes going to get it haha, dont be ridiculous, this actually teaches them to have respect for guns at an early age, unlike some of the freaks in this country. In Norway or whatever some guy killed 60 something kids at a camp so just stop with that crap.

    • Canadeh

      I am not American and agree partially. I see nothing wrong with teaching safety and proper use etc. The United States just needs to figure out how to keep the guns out of the hands of the "Criminals, drug addicts, gangsters and the mentally deranged" (thanks for the words Brian).

    • moose_nutz

      Gun safety has nothing to do with wackos that shoot innocent people. Go fuck a kangaroo, dick.

    • Slickvisionair

      Actually Dave people like you who are not educated on guns are the issue. Do you realize what would happen if we took guns away? Cocaine is illegal but all the bad guys still have it. Same with guns, criminals will still have them and then what do the responsible gun owners do when their guns are taken away? Get shot by a criminal? No thanks ill keep my firearms and one day when I have kids of my own ill teach them to be responsible with firearms as well.
      Kcco everybody,

    • aussie aussie aussie

      I`m glad my comment could generate such a large response from you all , after reading all of the comments I do agree that learning how to use a firearm safely is a positive thing. But using high powered assault weapons to do it with can not be a good thing , why not start with a slug gun or even a water pistol… thanks again for all the thumbs down..

  • tyler durden

    in both #3 and #15 the children are supervised and as for #26 I will go ahead and guess that a parent took the photo. if some people would properly store their firearms and teach the children to be responsible and VALUE HUMAN LIFE, then we may cut down on shootings.
    though on a side note the .50 cal maybe a bit extreme.

    • isaac

      dude regardless if they are being supervised or not, these kids are way to young to be learning how to use firearms. i bet they cant even wipe their own ass properly yet. they should be out playing a sport or doing something productive. something that will benefit them in their future. not this.
      i mean whats next? you'll be teaching babies how to "properly" use a firearm? no, but its ok, because they'll be supervised.

      • Quiggly

        Not your kids…….

      • Medic

        they are not to young at least there learning gun safety at a young age so they dont end up like one of those people who accidentally shoot some one cuz they didn't know the gun was loaded.

      • QTheLibertine

        My dad took me shooting for the first time when I was 9. The girl in #26 looks to be 12 or 13, that is when I got my first gun. I would not call any of this "bad parenting".

    • Web2992

      Not to mention, even if there is no parent around in #26 she sure as hell knows how to properly hold a weapon on her own… unlike some of the idiot politicians posing in pictures with so called "assault weapons"

      • Web2992

        Also, why isn't anyone bitching about #1 I would consider THAT more of an issue than the gun pictures…

        • Shakey The Moyle

          I would say most of the people here probably support OWS ideals….low information types=/

    • J Bone

      that boy that shot up the school in Conn. was properly trained too. Not taking sides here, but he was exposed to guns early by responsible adults and we see how that turned out. Just saying

      • PA2AK

        You're saying his mother who was reportedly scared for her life because of her son is responsible for keeping him around weapons? She made a mistake. She also, reportedly, didn't get any help from the state as she tried to find mental health help for her son. I believe the typical response from any agency in those matters needs the subject to do something violent before they can act on it.

      • randomperson32

        Stating facts will lead to thumbs down here. Just say Mericuh and I ❤ rocket launchers, then you will get thumbs up

    • Eli

      Come on, these are ASSAULT RIFLES and a SNIPER RILE. No one but the military should posses such weapons.

      Fucking gun nut morons.

      Shotguns = Good for self defense and are OK. Not this shit.

    • SlinkyR

      My only comment would be for the first two (#3 & #15) to start them on something a little lighter/less powerful, learn proper control & firing technique and when they can handle the recoil from the larger guns without punching out their collarbone, then teach them how to use those. Nothing wrong with teaching your kid the correct way to handle a gun once they're old enough to pick it up.

  • American-proud

    I'm not seeing any issues with 3/15/26… The kids are suppervised and in no danger… The girl in 26 has her finger indexed off the trigger and the muzzle in a safe direction… Teach them young teach them respect and stay involved…

    • Guest

      For every 1 of these "responsible" gun owners above, there are literally hundreds more in the wrong hands, with thousands more easily accessible to thousands more wrong hands. You can rant right to bare arms as though the king of England is gonna boot your door down momentarily and make cases for gun responsibility all you want. No civilian needs an automatic assault rifle or high calibre gun for anything. You think guns solve violent crimes, compare violent crime rates of the US to any other sane first world country, or the amount of guns per person in the US to anywhere else. It makes no sense. I'll take a pass on being shot for standing too close to some guy's house, or by some "good citizen" try to stop a crime firing bullets everywhere.

      • guy

        This is not true. I would say the number of "responsible" gun owners vastly outnumbers the people with "wrong hands". I agree the line must be draw somewhere. I don't think a civilian needs a fully armed F-16, rocket launcher, etc. But I support the idea that a citizen has the right to own a weapon powerful enough to defend himself from an oppressive government. An assaullt rifle (whatever that means) is the best choice for that particular task. I would be willing to consider background checks, more control over private sales, etc. But it would not have stopped what happened in Conn. Maybe mothers with unstable children shouldn't take them to the gun range. The school shooting is in many ways a parenting failure.

      • white guy #2

        You are an idiot. You have no knowledge of firearms or the issue itself. Check your facts about that violent crime rate, you couldn't be more wrong. I am a firearms instructor, I assure you, no "good citizen" is firing into a crowd.

  • Alex

    A lot of this is terrible but #5 makes me so very sad for that child

    • Hugh

      what's worse is that woman is almost everywhere you go and where are the sick bastards that are getting them pregant?

  • Fun_ghoul

    These ppl are fuking fried

  • MonkeyMadness

    #9 There would be an umpire on the way to the hospital if he threw my kid to the ground like that.

    • 'Gorilla'Tactics

      there would also be an idiot father on his way to the hospital after i KO him for not teaching his kid how to play 'mericas pasttime properly.

    • W.B.M

      would you rather your kid with broken bones cause he stood there with a dumb ass look on his face as he gets trampled by the kids running in.

      But i guess that would teach the kid a lesson, although you would probably get mad at the other kids for not slowing down or going around right? Fu<king moron….

      • MonkeyMadness

        Go be stupid somewhere else. He could have just as easily pulled the kid aside instead of throwing his ass to the ground. Go fuck yourself WBM.

        • Guy

          I'm sure he didn't mean to throw the kid like that. I'm sure his goal was to just move the kid out of harms way while still watching the play develop.

    • Bright Idea

      MonkeyMadness – Does parenting wrong

    • alex

      My thoughts exactly. That kid is lucky if he doesn't have whiplash. Shit, he could have gotten a concusion from that. All he need to do was gently pull, not turn into the freaking Hulk.

  • varsityslc

    #3, #15 and #26

    How's are these failures?

    • Common sense

      The one with the little girl I would say she's about 4. Yeah a 4 year old is old enough to shoot a gun. Why not?

      • Mikey

        That girls not four haha. She'd be a pretty tall freaking 4 year old? hahah

      • Frank

        Yeah, why not?

        Maybe don't apply your childish bias to everyone else? If you think what those kids are doing there is more dangerous than the drive to the range, you have been brain washed.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #27 What's wrong with this?

    • Maury

      she doesn't know who the father is. you can tell by her expression.

    • andulamb

      Instead of interacting with her kid, she's zoned out while she holds up a video for her kid to watch. But really how is this different from most parents today?

      • Murph1908

        You can't 'interact' every damn moment of every day. 1- It's truly exhausting. 2- The kid needs quiet time as much as you do.

        You married? Have a significant other? Try spending the entire day talking to him/her. Interact the whole day. Don't ever sit and watch TV. Don't spend 15 minutes checking your email. Don't just sit together quietly for half an hour.

        • Otter

          It's not about interacting, its about giving the kids something mentally stimulating to do, like look at a book.

          • Jen

            do you have children? have you ever had a long fucking day and your kid has had a long fucking day and you both need a moment of quiet and you dont have a book in your purse? it happens. now, if you are sitting at the dinner table together, this is not acceptable.

            • Otter

              If you're going on a subway/bus ride you prepare for it. So yes, you take a book with you. And yes, I have two kids. Both gifted because we made sure they were stimulated and not staring at a screen all the time. The base of my kids' stroller had snacks, a couple toys, a couple books, etc.

              • Jen

                that's wonderful. but just looking at this picture does not mean that what she is doing is bad parenting.

          • Burn the books!!!

            How do you know he's not reading a book? What makes your ink and paper version oh so better than his HD retina display version? You know most common libraries will be closed in within another decade and a majority of books will be (if not already) read in digital format, right?

      • larry

        Tell us more about your ability to raise kids. After you tell us how many kids you have.

        • andulamb

          I see. You disagree with our criticism, so you question whether we are qualified to express it. You know, I'm pretty sure that parenting existed long before electronic devices, and parents somehow managed to survive without them. So give me a break with this "but we HAVE to placate our children with videos!" crap. You don't. Give them a toy. Give them a piece of paper and a crayon. And if you have absolutely nothing for them, then teach them how to survive without constant stimulation. No, you don't have to interact with them all the time. I'm so sorry for suggesting such a thing. But there's a lot more to the world than electronic devices. We're an overstimulated society, and it starts with our kids. And to answer your question, I have 3,921,293 children. So now you must believe everything I say concerning children and parenting because you don't have nearly that many. Isn't that how it works? The person with 18 children is more of an expert than the person with just one? So I win.

          • donalbaine

            Now maybe you can tell me why a video or game on a cell phone is somehow worse than a toy to placate a child? I don't think kids should spend every waking moment in front of a computer screen, TV, or video game, I'd rather see kids playing outside with other kids, but a few minutes on the subway while Mom keeps an eye on things isn't something to lose your fucking minds about.

            • andulamb

              Kids learn by playing with toys. Especially kids who are STILL IN A STROLLER. Hell, they even learn just by looking around and thinking. Videos are not interactive. They turn kids into zombies. Yes, even Baby Einstein videos — research has shown they make your kids DUMBER, not smarter. That's why. No, a few minutes watching a video isn't a problem. But do you really think that's the only time that day that woman whipped out a video for her kid? As for anyone losing their fucking minds… Maybe you should look back at the replies from the parents who said "WAH! We have to keep our kids entranced with videos! How dare you! How many kids do you have? You're not qualified to speak! Wah!" As if raising kids without TV and video games was impossible. All I did was express an opinion. It was a few of the parents who couldn't handle it.

              • donalbaine

                The losing your minds part wasn't for you, it was for everybody. And yeah, constant exposure to electronic babysitters is pretty bad for the development of a kid, but that's not what we're seeing. We see a picture of a kid in a stroller on public transportation with a woman we assume to be the mom holding a cell phone up for the kid to see. To make a blanket statement about the way that person raises the kid on a daily basis is a pretty big stretch. Illogical? Maybe not.. A pretty unfair and dickish assumption? Absolutely.

                • andulamb

                  The photo is just an opportunity to comment on a broader issue. You're totally right that the photo is just a single moment. Photos can be misleading. I think we've all seen the photo of the new mom "ignoring" her baby as she is seemingly mesmerized by her cell phone. Whereas the truth is probably that she just took a picture of her baby to send to her parents. Obviously a mother who does something OTHER than stare at her child constantly is not a bad parent. But as I said, such photos give people the opportunity to express their concerns about broader issues: people these days are too obsessed with electronic gadgets, so we react to photos like this. The mother in the photo we're all commenting on may be an excellent mother. But we all know parents who use videos and cell phone games to babysit their children, and this photo gives us the chance to say what we think about that.

    • Mo'Phat

      Might not have anything to do with the video on the phone…but more to do with the unlocked wheels on the stroller while on a moving vehicle (bus? train?). Sudden stop = WHEEE! down the aisle.

      • Guy

        She has her foot on the wheel, the stroller isn't going anywhere.

    • Lyrex

      I have done this before (not on a bus/subway). There are times when your kids are so tired/hungry/whatever that no matter what you do, you cannot console them. If letting them watch something on your phone is enough of a novelty that it calms them down for a while, GREAT! Any port in a storm.

  • blueribbon

    really? people want to comment on the kids with guns pictures? take a look at #1, a children's game where they would pin pictures representing homemade explosives to a police car. did you all miss that or something?

    • Mousie

      Some people don't know what Molotov mean…… Obviously smh not cute

    • Lboogie13

      Umm..I think that's why 1 was posted. These are pictures of parenting fails.

      • steve

        nice input

    • thom

      I bet this is a typical kid party in San Francisco, Seattle and other liberal cities. Certainly, the kind of parties our President went to.

      • Leeks

        Yes, because clearly from the comments on other pictures in this post, it's the liberals that think they need to defend themselves from the government and police.

    • Frank

      People are sheep. They don't have msnbc telling them "Molotov bad".

      They do however, have them saying "Gun bad!" so it's all they know.

  • Joshua Moore

    #3, #15, #26 are all epic wins. children need to learn at a young age the responsibility of guns and gun control in the house and in public. There would be less shooting happen if every responsible person had a gun on them

    • andulamb

      What if the photos showed these parents teaching their young children how to drink? Or how to put on a condom? Or how to drive? Just because something is okay doesn't mean it's okay at any age. The kids in #3 and #15 should only be taught not to touch guns.

      • donalbaine

        Because a small child being told not to do something is somehow more effective with guns than it is with EVERYTHING else. Tell a kid not to touch it, then it becomes an irresistible taboo, more often than not. Teach the kid how it works, what it can do, and show them that first hand, they know to respect it and leave it be. Take the mystery out of it, make it real to them instead of an abstract concept that they don't understand.. Education, my friends, is essential.

        • andulamb

          But you've avoided my point. Should young kids be taught how to drink responsibly? Or taught to drive? Well, actually I guess they ARE being taught to drive — lots of young children these days are learning to ride motorized vehicles. Meh. I guess I'm an old fuddy duddy. I don't even care if kids CAN shoot, drive, drink, and so forth responsibly. I just like the idea of kids being allowed to be kids. I want to see kids on Big Wheels, not four-wheelers. I want to see kids shoot rubber bands at each other, not shoot guns at cans. We've got parents teaching younger and younger kids to do adult things. Oh, I'm sure those kids will turn out to be just fine. So what do I know. And yet I still wish parents would draw more lines than they're drawing. Kids aren't just miniature adults. Education is good, but I wish it would start out with "No, you're not ready for that. Don't touch."

  • Kasey B

    #3, #15, #26 there isn't a single thing wrong with with these pics. The kids are supervised and the old one looks to be 18 so she is legally able to have one. Chive, please don't get involved with the gun debate. I like y'all too much.

    • Medic

      i am right there with you there is nothing wrong with these. at least there learning gun safety and to respect the gun at a young age.

    • Common sense

      I'm not seeing gun in allowing kids about 4 or 5 being allowed to shoot. There is no way anyone would have considered it safe for me to fire my dad's hunting rifles at that young age. Those of you making these comments do you even have kids? This is not even about the "gun debate." It's about freaking common sense. You don't let a kindergarten aged child handle a rifle, supervised or not. "Son this is a very dangerous, very powerful instrument. Let's go fire off a few rounds for fun then go watch Diego."

      • Rambo13

        I have been shooting since I was 5. I bought my first .243 with money I saved up from birthdays when I was in the 4th grade, and had my own .22 by the time I was 9. Guns are one of the reasons I have such a close relationship with my dad, grandfather, and uncles. I was taught at a very young age the importance of gun responsibility. I see absolutely nothing wrong with these pictures, all are supervised and in a controlled environment. This needs to happen more, IMHO.

        • ATL Chiver

          I have too. I got my first gun as a Christmas present . It was a chipmunk .22. Some of the best memories I have are hunting with my Dad and Granddaddy. Guns are not the problem. If guns were the problem my hometown would be ground zero for gun violence. Funny thing is its not.

      • Frank

        Look closely at the GIF and pictures.

        Now forget for a moment what you hear on he news every from people that are trying to ban guns.

        Do they look like they are in danger?

    • mark

      I agree on both points!!!

  • Disappointing

    Chive while I do appreciate what you do. I come here to get away from politics. 3 of the pictures are very controversial at the moment. Fail on your part chive. Please step it up

    • andulamb

      In other words, "Chive, please sanitize all of your content to protect your fragile users. Stick to photos that cannot possibly provoke meaningful thought or conversation. You know, photos of half-naked teens. Thank you."

      • Dissapointing

        Yes it is not bad but this site of Funny, sexy, videos and photos as the title of the site suggests. These 3 photos are neither of the two at this point in time. My belief is that a responsible gun owner should teach there children the same values that they were brought up. But that being said I dont come here for thought provoking pictures. That is not what this site is entailed to be.

        • Herod

          I don't think you have any say in what this site is supposed to be. Nor do they give one fuck about what you have to say. Next time, you should just decided to close your goddamn mouth.

          • Dissapointing

            While your not smart enough realize that this is what the site was built off of. (also the description of the site) I see it makes you angry but really don't care. You sir are not a true chiver, cussing at people for there opinion definitely not KCCO

            • armed

              go away disappointing. this site has pics. pics. PICS. I bet u complain when u see a nipple

            • Guest

              *You're not smart enough. Too easy….

            • Frank

              Wasn't your opinion telling someone what they should or should not post?

              Telling chive what to do, I guess is very KCCO?

    • ImpressMe

      How is it a fail? Should Chivers not be allowed intelligent discourse on a current, very public topic? Those three pics are of kids who have parents who care enough to teach them respect for the gun and probably a lot more respect for human life than folks like you who chose to hide your head in the sand. If you are disappointed then maybe you should stick to the sunday comics…..

  • jmk

    #21 I'm about to have my first and this is definitely top of mind

    • Bojo

      Lol. I thought the same thing. Its not so bad though, just try not to drop them and kcco. Congrats!

    • CDS

      Believe me, you will see danger in everything. Just remember what Bojo above me said and you'll be fine. That and don't try to have fun with your wife/girlfriend by claiming you have no idea where the child is. New mothers don't find that funny.

    • NikkeD

      this photo isn't a fail… I bought this book for my pregnant friend, for jokes, because its her first child

    • Dan

      I have to say this pic is a Success. The guy is actually trying to learn how to keep his kid safe.

  • jasonB

    #3, #15, #26
    So, now teaching your child to properly use a firearm, (or any other dangerous tool), and to defend themselves is bad parenting?
    Quick Chive, do another post with everyone drinking till they puke!

    • 18BWarrior

      Amen, brother! Preach on! It bugs the hell out of me that responsible parents, who are exercising their rights, are labeled as a parenting fail. Ironically, I don't see any pictures of kids being zoned out, pumped full of ritalin as the Disney channel babysits their child and the parents idle by, not giving a damn and blaming society for their shortcomings.

      Chive, you got this one wrong. Nice to know where you guys stand on this.

    • Harry Balzonya

      Here is the win in these 3 images. All incorporate/include a father or male parental figure in them.

    • randomperson32

      #26 is very easy to find on a certain social network, you should maybe make scribbles over her name

  • Reid

    3 15 26
    Not only are these parents teaching there children how to respect guns. They are also obviously involved in there children's lives.

    • darkelemental1

      to be fair the pictures dont really show them being taught to respect the guns so much as how to use them and pull the trigger. I dont care one way or the other but they are in the correct positions with proper gear firing a gun, thats all. No deeper meaning is shown in the picture. #26 got a gift, good for her.

  • Keither

    #29 Well, that escalated quickly

  • Spas

    At least #31 isn't running with scissors!

    • Corvo

      Well, it's also a toy chainsaw.

      • JP1983

        It doesn't look like a toy, with the little bit of dirt/oil on the tip of the bar. It's just a small chainsaw (14" or less) that wasn't likely running at that time. Someone likely asked her to bring the chainsaw over to them, and she carried it over to them. Not really much of a danger there.

        • 2A supporter

          until it starts itself and takes her leg off!!!
          Well if a gun can kill without a moron attached to it cant a chainsaw start all by itself too??????????

  • Anonymus

    #26 …. Hitgirl?

    • Dave

      Well, I'd hit it.

  • Novalee531


    Not a fail, that kid's a Rockstar

    • Maury

      unless that kid is some kind of croc eating maniac which would make the croc's parents that bad ones.

    • superlambchops

      I wish I had a pic I could show people and say here's me at 4 wrestling a mother fucking crocodile.

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