• thom

    What a great way to get rid of a jackass like that. Kudos to the reporter.

    • Child Please

      Owned? Not sure about that. Sexy reporter though!

  • NorCaliChiver

    someones got the Herp!!

  • dedubs

    Awesome! …And now she'll get fired for "inappropriate behavior" by her political correctiveness obsessed boss.

    • HatBomb

      This is New Orleans, we don't roll like that so much. Her boss probably bought a king cake and had an impromptu toast to her this morning at the office.

      • dedubs

        good to hear!

      • assd

        but the reporter and the station are based out of Orlando, Florida… and they're pretty uptight

        WKMG Channel 6, Orlando, FL.

        • tvdude

          We are actually pretty laid back at WKMG….but you still cant tell someone they have an STD on live TV.

          • The_Dood

            Doesn't Maury have a show for that?

            • jojo

              you are not the transmitter…..

    • :DDD

      Not a an American, so i don't understand

      whats politically incorrect about what happened in that video?

  • sfb101

    What did I just watch, I saw no zombies…

  • patrick907

    unofficial chive meet up in austin texas e mail me at patbeth123@yahoo.com

    • Jen

      unofficial sausage party!

    • Kato

      I'll bring the ice cream. Yayayayayaya!!!

  • Epitomizer

    Quick with her wits, and easy on my eyes!

  • TheAssMan

    Reporter is Smokin'!

    • bigyawns

      I thought she looked pretty sober

  • saltygary

    Herpes is forever.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Sure that wasn't a guy in drag?

  • 2Dogs


    • tralfaz

      Thank you Kelso.

      • Canadastani

        Seriously though. BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRNNNNN!!,!,!,

    • WHAT-IT-DO

      Somebody get her some ketchup for those harsh browns

  • Justin Huffman

    I despise people that get that annoying when they've been drinking.

    • Fred Garvin

      Ms 49er would have been annoying completely sober.
      Just visit the ATLyou will see many and they are a dime a dozen.

  • FunKiller

    Yea, that didn't seem too bad. Dude, she's a reporter, I'm sure she's had to deal with worse things than some drunk chic. I thought it was pretty weak.

  • TheHammer

    This is one of the worst clips ever with a totally misleading caption. For one the girl doesnt seem drunk at all. For two, the reporter is a stupid bitch.

    • KCCO

      Your opinion is folly to your intelligence. That reporter was beautiful and clever. You're just mad you didn't get to interview with her about your STDS.

      • Go 49ers!

        She wasn't clever, she was a bitch. If you like passive aggressive bitches, then that says a lot about you

        • hugh.m@rshall.us

          I agree. She's probably had to deal with annoying "look I'm on TV!" type people before, but out of any other context, this video does make the reporter come across as a bitch.

    • TheWrench

      agreed. Just think, all of the thumbs down are coming from mindless idiots. Terrible title. That woman held her alcohol just fine while the reporter was a straight bitch.

  • Foxy

    Wow. That reporter is a serious asshole. If you have no patience for happy drunks on Bourbon Street, you shouldn't be a reporter in New Orleans.

    Poor wee baby. Fixing her hair, all, "This is what I have to deal with!" Lady, Anderson Cooper gets his glittery ass shot at in Afghanistan, and is probably more professional to the Afghans than you were to some sauced broad who just wanted to be on camera.

    Enjoy the bush leagues, lady. Maybe they'll move you up to weather girl, where you can be a c-word to the incoming rainclouds.

    • Dave

      Calm down.

    • paul

      Rage Up

    • mitch

      Kcco mean anything to you hahaha

    • Craigery

      Sounds like Foxy has some sand in her vagina.

      • Hahahagary

        Hahaha nice one

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      She's not a New Orleans reporter. She's a reporter from Orlando in New Orleans.

    • Lar

      People like you are the reason that so many people like that drunk get away with everything. Always an excuse and an answer for people being stupid. You're probably are the type to cheat on your husband or wife and blame it on the alcohol or your spouse foor not "being around enough."

      Either that or that was YOU she completely embarrassed. lol.

      Let's ignore the fact that the other lady was RUDE and interrupted the interview. If you really look at the video, the reporter wasn't even rude at ALL. The girl even wanted an interview after she was asked/told and she didn't even know what is was about. So what happened if the interview WAS about STDs? But you would have come up with a reason anyways on why the reporter was wrong.

      People like you really need to be checked. You're the reason why when a thief robs a home and then gets shot by the man protecting his family, the thief sues and gets away with it. Yea the interviewer should expect things like that, but the drunk should also realize that people won't accept that stupid crap from stupid drunks.

      Oh and saying "c-word" doesn't show you are classy to not use curse words. Buh bye.

    • Go 49ers!

      Foxy, preach it! I thought the same thing: That reporter was a colossal bitch, acting as if she's never seen a drunk person before. Classless, I'd fire her in a SECOND, zero journalistic integrity.

      • Frank

        I fear the day that "journalistic integrity" is synonymous with "putting up with total wastes of skin".

    • jus sayin

      Everyone must choose a side: 1) salvation by accepting jesus who died and rose again or 2) ignore your concience to satisfy your every whim no matter who gets hurt. We are all equally guilty before God and we all need a savior.

      • Ghettoblaster

        If you need fear of eternal damnation to do the right thing in this world, then you're a weak-minded fool.

  • DannoTheManno88


  • Tony

    Honestly, I think she could have handled it better. She is in New Orleans, on bourbon street, what the hell did she expect? She just came off kind of snobby.

    But would I hit it? Yes, yes I would.

  • techno_viking

    MOAR of this reporter please.

  • Rickyrick63

    Please apply cold water to burned area.

  • 19Honda94

    Be a reporter trying to do a live shot and you'll feel the same way.

  • Bogey

    The woman deserved what she got. Have some respect for a person's job. If she wasn't doing a live shot she wouldn't have let her off so easy. "Disrespectful" she says. That is the pot calling the kettle black after she walked in front of the camera.

  • Guest

    That reporter was wrong for that. It's bourbon st. You will encounter drunk people. That lady was having fun . I see so many people do that to reporters but because she's black and drunk its annoying or being stupid . F'ing hypocrites

  • Heisanidiot

    People mug behind cameras all the time. I blame the reporter for not having a sticker indicating it was her "time of the month".
    She is still hot, though likely soon to be unemployed.

  • You Know

    Her name is Jessica Sanchez out of Orlando. She is HOTT HOTT HOTT! MOAR!

  • Pat

    I woke up to get me a cold pop, and It smelled like someone was BBQ'ing. I ran for the door with no shoes or nothing!!

  • Go 49ers!

    That reporter was a massive bitch. Look folks, its BOURBON STREET: There's GOING to be drunk people walking around, it doesn't mean they are bad or awful, just having a good time. By being a passive aggressive little twat face, that reporter didn't accomplish anything except showing everyone what kind of stupid attitude she has. Seriously, she's on live TV, and she tries to insinuate that girl had an STD? Low class. Low. Fuck her. And yeah, Go 49ers!

    • Mark

      You're a tool and have no comprehension of what is going on. Not one time did she insinuate that this moronic drunk had an STD. She merely said "We are doing a story on STD's and you wanted to talk to us really bad, so what do you have?" Then the girl said she didn't have one. She was just using it to embarrass the dumbass, and it worked quite well. Obviously you are just butt hurt cause someone made fun of a fellow Niners fan. Thanks ok, but comprehend what you're watching before you start throwing out stupid arguments.

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