chivette line The Chivette Line returns, including new Chivette Cheeky Bottoms and Lacy Thongs!

The Chivette Line is expanding and we’ve never been more excited for both our Chivettes and the lucky bastards who get to see the new gear on their girls.

In addition to the Pink KCCO and Chivette Socks, today we’re launching two new wildly-anticipated items – The ultra sleek and comfortable Chivette Cheeky Bottoms and Chivette Lacy Thongs! Both available in Black, Pink, and Chive Green.

Nothing is going to last long so here we go:

The all new Chivette Cheeky Bottoms 3-pack available RIGHT HERE.

Chivette Lacy Thong 3-pack available RIGHT HERE.

KCCO Pink available RIGHT HERE.

The awesome Chivette Socks have returned RIGHT HERE.

Good luck!