• huskerzfan4life

    looks like fun for a kid, like a dump to me

  • LeO

    Great dad! BTW awesome hot wheels collection:)

  • Alumni72

    How lucky for him that money was not required for his "awesomeness".

  • Magic

    #4 I thought it was a bit inappropriate to start the little girl so soon on the pole….

  • Tau Delt

    I think Jerry Sandusky and John Wayne Gacy had similar houses to this..

  • Chesters Mule

    Dad puts junk in yard. Chive puts this crap on a webpage. Horrible!

  • backdoorbandit

    looks like some really nice spots to get high

  • Pro Death

    Too friggin' cool, awesome dad is awesome!

  • John

    More like rich guy with a big house and lots of land spoils his children.

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