Awesome Dad makes his home a blast for the kids (30 Photos)

One day an epic father decided to give his kids the life he always dreamed of by turning his house/yard into a fun fantasy island resort.


  • DemonIAm

    #4. A good dad keeps his daughter OFF of the pole.


    Aaaaaand BAM! Your property value just took a shit. Bet his neighbors LOVE him 👌👍

  • Bum juice

    Seems pedobear found a good way to get all the kids from the neighborhood in his house.

  • Chaosd

    #4 at first I thought this was a stripper pole and was a little outraged, but then I realized it's really a firemen's pole. I guess I just have a dirty mind.

  • oughtnot

    #4 and #29 … looks like the dude has a huge matchbox car collection going.

  • Phil

    Top bloke.

  • allrecipeseasy

    I'm sure the property value took a hit too

  • Jesse

    This did not work out well for Michael Jackson.

  • juice1

    I would do that too if I lived out in the middle of nowhere away from civilization…..

  • aw44

    just looks like a bunch of junk in a yard.

  • Scott


  • Rusty Shackleford

    jesus you whiney bitches, one post without naked girls and you're acting like this is the worst thing ever.

  • MacGuyver

    #19 If the pirate ship was up in the tree I'd be impressed. Otherwise, meh.

  • animal_mother

    Over sells, under delivers…..

  • Grumpygus

    This is awesome how?

  • yermon


  • Gonndo

    This has to be the worst place to stay when you have a hangover!!!

  • dave

    what a shithole

  • Noidios

    We have houses like that around here. We call them rednecks.

  • jkmcdermott

    #6 – YOU GO, DAD!!! Nice work, all around!!

  • raven

    white trash at its finest

  • Craigery

    "Sit on the Rusty UFO! Get splinters on the S.S. Scrapwood! Explore the large bush! Relax in our luxurious above-ground pool! Play an old pinball machine from 1962! You can do it all at Uncle Randy's PlayLand! (Just don't tell Mom and Dad you were here. It's our little secret! Now have another sip of Jesus Juice!)"

  • JM23

    All of that stuff looks incredibly shitty.

  • darkohanzo

    I wonder if they have pirate hats, hustlers, crossbows and chewbacca masks in that pirate ship though

  • Sue

    Sorry but I'd like a normal house with a backyard, big patio, grill, and a nice garden. There are places you can take your kids to have fun if you're not a cheapskate weirdo…

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