Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (45 Photos)

  • Damon


    Any guesses what the new Chive tee is?

    • Gerry

      Im eating cheetos right now.

    • supdt

      something probably made in China

    • bigyawns

      Probably an english breakfast tea, although I prefer a good green tea blend.

      • Picard, Jean-Luc

        ear grey, hot

        • Gusto


      • http://twitter.com/TheGreenMalice @TheGreenMalice

        Morrocan Mint Green Tea…

    • Mordecai

      something ghost bustery

      • DeDav

        Not busty ghostery?

      • Truth Hurts

        "Chi Chi it's the one that says Ghost Busters. Here is the job and be successful with it." – Elaine from Seinfeld on SNL

    • I'm Awesome

      he's probably talking about the Mardi Gras one

    • Jeff

      If Brendan got one and it's supposed to be "top secret" it is probably the new sleeveless model for Brendan to show off his new guns.

      • david

        There is a special place in hell for you troll

        • Jimi Hendrix

          I don't know how trolling he was being. Dude got new arms. I'd want to show them off too. It may not have been tasteful but the guy wasn't being that rude.. There was no offensive pun or anything. Just sayin'

    • James

      If i had to guess, With the launch of Chive Charities, Its going to be a Chive Charities shirt. Just a guess though, and i recall seeing a few pics (the ones with that young girl) where everyone was wearing the same shirt.

      • http://twitter.com/ItIsDanTheMan @ItIsDanTheMan

        If you donate to Chive charities monthly you get a tee along with it. I'd say it has something to do with the image in the ad.

  • Craig

    I'm so glad the Chive is around after a bad day a work.

    • Jim

      Yeah, sorry I spilled coffee on your lap Craig

      • That's 5-10

        Speak for yourself. I just hit a pedestrian with my car while checking the DAR. But he was black and I don't have insurance so I didn't stop.

        Not gonna let it slow down my weekend though! KCCO!

        • Peter Griffin

          Haha! Racism is funny.

          • That's 5-10

            Not like I hit him because he was black, I'm not a monster. I just didn't stop the car because he was black.

            • Bellgarde

              Haha! You crazy!

    • Correction

      * during

      • Larry the Cable Guy

        5-10, I don't care who you are, thats funny right there

  • Cody Placher

    I like turds 🙂

    • Turd F.


    • Turd Burgler

      Finally someone spoke up and said it!

    • halfsmoke00

      Only if they come out of #46

    • JJ_PGH

      You are a turd.

  • Elise

    #12, 13, #45

    Big week at the chive, the world knows what a charitable place this has become. Happy Friday and enjoy the beer

    • Smart ass

      Charity smarity

      • Danny the manny


  • Jorge Saavedra

    #45, OMG! Thanks!

    • Spelling dude

      You're welcome. <- that is how you spell "you're" in this situation.

    • Whorebait

      John, havnt you taught him what quality beer is yet?

      • High Life

        Yeah, he's not living the high life.

      • Truth Hurts

        Look at #3
        Negro Modelo
        Heineken Dark

        Somebody knows.

    • dutch

      has anyone seen Perry?

    • Bluto

      Wow, Patty really gave up on that diet to get Whitney naked… kind of went the other direction since then.

      But it is always great to see the rearview of Dylan. #46

      • VedHead77

        I was hoping someone would remember that pledge. I keep meaning to bring it up, but then they go and post stuff like #42 and I forget what I was supposed to be doing.

        • Bluto

          Worst part is, you know Whitney is sitting there with a drafted e-mail and attachment waiting in drafts in Outlook but just hasn't been able to hit send yet.

    • Douche Canoe

      Remember when Patty wasn't going to be fat anymore? What happened to that?

      • ChristophersonofGray

        He opted for the luscious feathered hair look of Shaun Cassidy instead.

  • Inigo Montoya

    For all the times that I visit this site, the random shit is the best feature.
    And boobs, boobs are great too.

    • Loopy

      I once boobed

    • Raj

      You know what TV show sucks? Two Broke Girls, it is not funny at all.

      • Jack Wagon

        Ya but them girls are fucking hot tho! Almost makes it worth it…

        • not true

          hot? really?…except for the one…boobs

  • Jorge Saavedra

    I mean, #46!!!!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Her Ass….it's pretty decent!

      • Redhead chivette

        Haha urethra…lol…omg

    • Bobbop

      Who neatly wrote chivette on that ass?

      • Bob

        I mean, it's on a different cheek in the two pics.

    • Horny Chivette

      Oh yeah! It's getting hot in here!

      • Horny Chiver

        So take off all your clothes…

    • Clunt

      Hey do you think you can throw a couple more Instagram filters on those pics? Maybe throw some bright green in there??? And if you have any camera phones from 2004 please shoot your next photos with them, I love shitty image quality!

      I love how artistic you are, please send more!

    • Christian Thunder

      Dylan is back!

      • tony

        Dylan who???!!

        • anonymoose


    • Notknowing

      LOVE the squishy grab…wish it was my hand.

    • Mikey Rock

      Well that pretty much confirms the chive photoshops their logo's on pictures. You can see the originals at mydylan.tumblr.com sans chivette stickers or writing.

      Either way The Chive is still sweet, just always held a glimmer of hope that they did get tons of submitted photos and weren't just scouring tumblr and reddit.

      • Kelowna Chiver

        If you were to actually read her tumbler blog. She says she is a Chivette and was in the calender last year. True or not I choose to believe she added the tattoo after the fact. Chive is still better then Reddit! KCCO

        • Joe

          Different cheeks

        • Tim

          It is a fucking sticker. Look in the Chivery. And, she was in the calendar.

      • wyfair

        dylan has been submitting to the chive for years, mikey!

      • Bluto

        This was pretty obvious a several months back when they posted that they were looking for a new intern, someone who was proficient at photoshop… it was a dead giveaway back then. But since, there have been a helluva lot more posing in Chive gear (although Dylan is well known in these parts), so there are definitely a lot more girls frequenting the site than before…

        • jayhoppie

          Is there no other reason to have an intern who can photoshop?

          • Bluto

            No, no there is not.

      • FL_Chivette

        at least she's an admitted chivette… it would worse if she had no clue what theChive was!

        • Jamar Fl- chiver

          I'm a Fl-chiver holla back

    • Drake

      Chivette of the century!!!!!

    • Northern Lights

      Love her Ass in this pink lacy thong + fishnet stockings…. Bravo!

      that's for introducing me to Dylan… what beautiful symmetry her ass checks have.. hmm, what??! Oh I thought I heard someone say, "pass the butterfaze".

  • Warren


    That photo of Ellen is seriously awesome

    • Greg

      I can see her now.

      • Mn dude

        Yeah she is good looking but I don't see the "amazing recreation" part of this photo.

        • Heeptom

          Was thinking the exact same thing

        • mittens

          Did Madonna ever look that good?

    • Jordan

      She is gorgeous, but Madonna had dark, shorter, curly hair as that character in ALOTO.

    • Hey Warren!

      Have you seen my baseball?

    • Awesome

      Much hotter than Madonna, even back then

      • Jack Wagon

        Ah Madonna. Theres a woman who has had a lot of cock run thru her

  • bob_the_cook

    #5, Wow #10, Love it #13 Dude, you fuckin rock. KCCO

    • ChivetoSurvive

      please be legal, please be legal, please be legal

    • Nerds

      #5 looks like she is 14 yrs old kinda creepy

      • qayne


  • Kyle429

    Can't think of a better way to close out the FriDAR than with Dylan. Hothothothothot #46

    • db3300

      I would just like to thank you girls who wear thongs. If this little fashion choice was left to us guys, it would have never taken hold because we'd be digging that thing out of our cracks until we just threw them away. So … thanks.

      • hey_cw

        Very nice, no?

  • glw


    I'm hungry

    • MattKL

      Someone shaves.

    • i8paula


    • Joey

      Have a snickers, you aren't you when you're hungry.

    • H-Town


      you are very welcome

      • Bluto

        Yeah, lots of good highjackin' material from there… Malibu Strings, too.

      • Chivacy Please

        Client contest updated every Thursday….

        • Bluto

          Actually it is late on Wednesday, now…

    • Marco

      #42 – My kind of muffin for any time of the day…

      • hey_cw

        Clam, muffin, pie hold the hair. Hell I crave beaver

  • KayMan

    have an awesome weekend everyone…holy crap #42 is breath-taking

    • Bill

      Awesome "toe"

      • carl

        moose knuckle

        • Joe

          No, moose knuckle is penis. Get it right.

          • Bluto

            Technically, isn't moose knuckle balls?

            • Joe

              Male genitals, not female

              • http://twitter.com/JP_Martin09 @JP_Martin09
              • Soto48

                You ruin my day , I was stumble for 15minutes here then I want to get my fap session but I see your comment… Ahh i have to find another pic…

    • Notknowing

      The bikini almost looks painted on. It'd be fun to lick it off, though.

    • El. Coqui

      She's just wicked!!!send MOAR….

    • Peigi

      Ok, can't the Chive just start a daily page called "Nips n Labia" so everyone knows where they are, and I can stop running into them randomly, as I'm evidently the only non-guy non-lesbo who ever looks at this site?

  • DTAB

    #46 Best as ever! Keep up the good work Dylan!

    • DTAB


      • me.

        works both ways.


  • sfb101

    #24 I have got to get my ass to Canada!

    • Jimbo

      Everyone's all like "I gotta go to Canada" but it's cold up there.

      • sfb101

        Well I never minded the cold that much as long as there's something warm to come home to…

        • Courtesy Flush

          Fuck off we're full…….

          • VFD

            lol, canada

        • Trusy

          Warm pizza

      • Jimbo

        Don't down vote me, it was a joke.

    • Notknowing

      The west coast isn't that cold. You won't regret it.


      Canada is a miserable fucking place. Trust me when I say, don't ever visit that frozen hell on earth!

      • Colin

        I think you have mistaken Canada for your mother's lady parts.


          No they would be warm and squishy, like America!

          • Mikey D

            No, that would be your dad's lady parts.

      • Courtesy Flush

        Ya cus everyday in Canada you hear about some old hermit kidnap a 6 year old kid and hide in a fuckin bunker…..Said no one.

        • odb

          Do people even cover news that happens in Canada? It seems like no one would care…

          • Tony

            Nothing really bad every happens in Canada so usually it is just alot about hockey and people doing nice things. It is not that exciting.

        • Mikey D

          To be fair I don't think you hear about that every day anywhere.

    • Everett_chiver

      I'd make her toes curl.

    • frijoles

      maybe can't curl but you bet your ass she can straighten…

  • Mustard


    Cute, but Madonna had black hair in the movie, so this "recreation" isn't amazing.

    • RustyxTrombone

      did ring pops even exist ?

    • George Castanza

      Well I think it is.

    • Mn dude


    • Fail

      Madonna was also hot. Recreation fail.

    • SGT_Fati

      Fuckin window licker

  • Connor

    #42 Wow.

    • ezza

      there is more at wickedweasel.com

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #9 One tall Long Trail please. Been a loooooong week.

    • ???

      Are you a republican or democrat?

    • sm2535

      That's got to be somewhere in/around Boston, methinks.

    • halfsmoke00

      I will have a PBR please.

    • Shawn

      glad to finally see a Long trail on here. don't really see much of vermont represented on the chive. CHIVE ON from the 802

  • Just Sayin'

    #7 Saskatoon!!

    • Courtesy Flush

      #34 Montreal!!!!! Awww Canada rocks.

      • opm

        lol, canada

    • Kevnybs

      That's where I'm from!

    • thethirddarkness

      Wohoo! Great to see downtown Saskatoon on the Chive. Now where are my Saskatoon Chivettes????

  • Blue Bronco

    Get ready for a call from Homeland Security.

    • bob_the_cook

      DHS is not in Canada, ya hoser

      • Yah, eh?

        Yes, Canada has donkeys in charge of border protection and moose in charge of homeland security, if I'm not mistaken?

        • Hoser A

          That is correct dontchanooo

      • Blue Bronco

        As long as you continue to think that. (Black helicopters)

  • StarboardEngine

    UNDERBOOB IN HQ! No better way to start the weekend!

    • Joe

      A blow job would be nice

      • Joe

        No, I Mean like getting a blow job would be better then looking at this pic in HQ

  • Joey

    #19 i take pictures like this all the time

    • Cracka ass nig nagga

      Bitches be hatin'

      • Meek

        These bitches nasty, I need my nuts licked!
        These bitches know I got that deep up in yo gut dick!

        Meek Mill, American philosopher

    • Friedrich

      You mean, bent over while wearing a woman's thong? To each is own, I guess.

      • Joey

        Yeah it feels good on my balls

    • HUH?

      quietly sneaking up behind 2 hot girls?

  • Pvt Joker

    #24 MOAR!

    • Spelling corrected


  • jeff

    #5 moar please

  • bob_the_cook

    #46- Dylan gives good hump

  • Huell

    #10 She put on a hat… What an amazing recreation!

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