In beer pong, let’s face it, guys let the girls “distract” them (35 Photos)

It’s really a game of cat and mouse. The question is who is the cat and who is the mouse?? I’ll let you decide…

  • echogeo

    #8 #15 #21 #35
    That is damn distracting all right.

    • Bro

      Yeah sluts!

      • TheVanityScore

        there is no way id make the shot with that going on

  • Jeff

    #5 is hot
    #14 – girl on left, wow

    • 412

      Thanks. Didn't even realize there was someone else in the pic

    • @NorCalChiver

      see that's why if you get the ball in the cleavage you win the game and the girls have to drink all the beer

  • Wantomas

    The best part is, they still always lose!!
    #18 #19

  • yoyo

    #35 He's gonna punish her

    • Harry Longbahls JR

      kinda looks like he peed himself

  • Matt

    They're all ugly

    • JMAKK

      You might want to consider your sexuality. Maybe you should be on The Berry.

      • Richard Head

        With you 100%, 70% of this post is swamp donkeys.

    • Thad

      Totally agree, just a bunch of trashy sloots

      • JSJ

        When you don't think #5 is hot, that's how we know your gay!

        • Thad

          Five is the exception. And because I don't find a but of sloots hot makes me gay? Thanks for the info!!!

          • Paul

            Because how do you really know they are sloots, do you know them personally? And even if they ARE a bunch of sloots, that really isn't the point if all you're doing is making observations about their appearance. I bet you think they are sloots because some hot babe totally rejected you once, now every hottie is doomed to be dubbed a sloot because one wouldn't let you in to her honey hole.


    #21 All the more motivation to sink the cups and see where this goes…

  • sfb101

    #5 I'ma gonna loose this one

    • Dick


      • P-Zo

        If you think about it "loose" kinda fits too.

    • Obviously

      It's about the tits …

  • jkru

    some OLD ASS pics here! wow

    • kingofthecastle

      Agreed I feel like these are all early 2000s

  • DannoTheManno88

    Dammit…I got so distracted that I swallowed the ping pong ball.

  • Dos

    #11, #18 & #19
    Who still has tube T.V.'s!

    • TheVanityScore

      really? thats what you saw in the picture? i didnt even notice they were in a house

  • Cosmo Kramer

    #5 good lord, I would let her blow my ping pong ball any day.

  • tv_paul

    #1 I wish someone would blow on my red solo cup .

    • sfb101

      They'd probably leave you blue solo cupped.

  • Jdhill

    There is nothing distracting at all about these girls, all this has made me realize that the majority of BP playings girls are pure trash is the ass.

    • Haskell

      well who else did you think plays beer pong?

  • Aks

    #13 perfect rack. The girls are alright too.

  • Arrrrrrrrrrg

    Welp, that distracted me.

  • jim thorton

    "not bad"

  • Hank Hill

    #17 Mmmmm.

    • lulz00

      Hottest one by far of that group.

  • Luke

    Even trade off….. Lets see do i want to make the shot or watch two chicks kiss?? Easy choice


  • jmonster

    I could not shoot with #5 looking at me. damn!

    • say it isn't so

      I could shoot something.

    • Kato

      Damn man! If you couldn't shoot, maybe it's time to go and see your doctor. On the other hand, if #5 is looking at me, I'd be shooting up all over the place.

      • jmonster

        I meant a pong ball:) I could coat her cute face and tits with something else for sure!

    • jjh21

      Yeah, I had to sit down so I could fall out of my chair. That girl needs to be FOUND!

  • say it isn't so

    Does anyone have the link to this Brazzers production?

  • trucks

    #14 #20 #33 WOOF

    • say it isn't so

      "Buzz…Your girlfriend!"

  • Pedroski


    I would gladly let her "distract" me…

  • Smitty

    My mouse just inflated itself.

  • ChristHump

    #5 Sexy as hell.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 – *drops ball* she wins.

    • jjh21

      Without a doubt!

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