It’s almost the weekend and I just DGAF (33 Photos)

  • @cozmofish

    When you repost pictures, that aren't questionably young ladies, you should probably include the source.… I'd link you to her page but you'd probably just lift more images and erase her name. You guys are better than that… Doing something like this is shameful. I'm disappointed with you Chive…

  • shredlikeasir

    I remember being in Christchurch. NZ around the same time as #15 and wishing I could have done the same thing, making the best of a bad situation, so rad!

  • LBF 4 ever

    great finish

  • Herby Sagues

    #24: that has to be a faulty indicator. I was at minus 40 only once, and I couldn't take my freakin' glove for five seconds.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yeah, that can't be right, skin begins to freeze instantly at -40. If that is the true temperature, they're pretty stupid.

  • Otto

    I would like to see the father lol

  • Uh...

    In my mind, somebody slapped nicki minaj – this is the after effect.

  • Tim

    #22, does anyone know where to find and purchase? I want a set

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