We can take mirror pics, if that’s what you’re into (55 Photos)

  • intmid8or

    #29 where we at on moar!!

  • Murph

    #38 is a stunner. Super fly TNT, chivette.

  • CLD29

    #3 Looking good….MOAR!__#34 you again, BUTT I want MOAR!!

    • Chive09

      Where is #34 on the chive? I thought this was her first one? Beautiful!

      • Chive09

        I WANT MOAR!

      • #34

        Thank you so much! I was on this years first hump day. 😀

        -#34 KCCO!

        • Chive09

          What number?

          • Chive09

            #34 please we want MOAR! Your BEAUTIFUL!

          • #34

            I don't remember what number. :-/ my face is in the picture though 🙂

            • Chive09

              Are we going to get to see more of you?

  • https://www.facebook.com/james.morgan.1441 James Morgan

    #26 wow!!! I'd give anything to meet her!!!

  • rikooprate

    I heart #46!!!

  • Michael

    MOAR #54

  • andrew2172

    Who ever invited mirrors….I owe you. Love this post

  • Dave

    #49, I am available and like dogs.

  • james

    #52 🙂 hi

  • guest

    #8 looks like amy jo johnson, So SEXY

  • KSD

    #54 Oh.My.God. MOAR PLEASE!

  • Sether


  • Laidbackmanner

    #21 and #49
    Am I seeing double? MOAR please

  • yogi

    #9 is pretty amazing wow!

  • Kelly

    #20 MY GOD ….

  • Mike-Orgasm Provider

    Dear Chive, Would you PLEASE start rejecting all pictures, no matter how sexy or cute, of girls who pose the the mirror of their bathroom??!! Especially the ones that shows a toilet in the background!! How disgusting…
    #7 #14 #20 #27 #28

    • http://twitter.com/djhahn13 @djhahn13

      Mike, lets break down your comment. You are in a section called "Mirror Pics" Where are most Mirrors? Oh, the bathroom. so you intentionally went int a post where you knew you would see bathrooms, which you claim to hate? 2nd, You think hot girls in a bathroom are disgusting? Apparently not the Orgasm Provider as advertised? Obviously you never had shower sex or bent your girl over and did her from behind while she was getting ready? What a sad, sad life you lead. 3rd, you are more concerned with the background of the picture than the smoking hot ladies that took the time to post pics for our enjoyment, that you are probably Fapping to as we speak. GAY GAY GAY, not that there is anything wrong with that, but come out of the closet and go take your faceless self and troll theBerry and leave our Generous Chivettes alone. Thanks.

  • Brandon

    Pull em down a little further #17. And well done, #54.

  • John Robert

    #19 – Uh, Chive, Pedo Bear Fail. The Chive should NOT have posted this picture.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan


    lovin' the little black dress…fits juuuuuuuuust right…

    is it time for beer yet??


  • Buckethead

    #8 #22

  • Ishbar
  • Thunder

    #3 winner!

  • HannahisHOT

    #31 is gorgeous, wish we could see more of her!

    • Ishbar

      Why yes, yes she is!

  • JustMe



  • Joe

    #46 you turned a terrible day great for me! MOAR

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