You can’t explain that (45 Photos)

  • fuzzbucker

    what's red and smells like blue paint?…… paint

  • chron247

    #33 What the… WHo the… WTF!!!!?

  • dave

    #27 I dont get this pose, not that I'm complaining

  • Scott

    #26 is what we call a consumption test. Full turnouts, on air, and exercising so you see just how long an air bottle will last when you are busting your ass. My department does it once a year.

    • reaperMEDIC

      Do you do it at Golds gym, or whatever public workout facility these guys are at? LOL I do bunker gear workouts all the time, but I think running down to the local gym to do it would be a bit awkwardly douchey.

  • Patches

    #27 Watch Diplo's song called Express Yourself.

  • Gonndo

    #7 is just the new version of the crusades. Brace yourselves atheists!!!

  • bernhern

    #21 was actually explained when it was originally posted on reddit. It's a condition called Coloboma.

  • weirdscribble

    #16 "My neck… my back…"

  • MTgirl

    #26 could also be training for the upcoming stairclimb competition in March

  • Johnny


  • Spacials

    #9 Would bang, hot as fuck. Chive find her!

  • andrew2172

    What is this…I don't even…

  • Nate

    #21 is coloboma iridis, caused by a failure of the optic fissure to close. SCIENCE! You like that chive.. SCIENCE!

  • Mark S Man

    #17 Wait a moment…she's not wearing a top!

  • Rudd

    #37 ah the weird world of fanfiction

  • anditisLiz

    #24 reminds me of the girl from the ring…

  • GoatsMilk

    #26 I can explain that. 9/11 memorial stair climb in honor of the firefighters in the twin towers.

  • LBF 4 ever


  • Bababooey

    #8. Standing up out of the wheelchair? Yeah and…He may have had a stroke and his mobility is Limited. He's probably just stretching for a minute. Stupid.

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