• ImpressMe

    TIL…. never stick your head out of a train window….. holy shit……

  • Redwall

    Some of these aren't close calls, the people get fucking walloped.

  • Mitch Hedberg

    You're supposed to yell "Fore", but I was too busy mumbling "There ain't no way that's gonna hit him."

  • Daywalker

    The more & more I see videos like these the more I wanna get myself a dashcam

  • DngnRdr

    Never going to Russia… doesn't seem safe on the roads, the footpath or even pedestrian crossings from insane drivers.

  • Dan

    Why do so many people have cameras in their cars?

    • Simon

      Security and insurance.

  • Tom

    Way to go Bob. Finally a post worth watching.

  • David Jameson

    Well thank goodness sound is faster than most of the things that would've hit in these clips, b/c for many, they just had a small warning of an impact of metals, or a screech of tires, or someone yelling "SHIT!" or similar. Phew.

  • cymru Am Buth

    all from youtube.

    • golfn9

      It's entertainment and it's on the Chive, but hey go watch you tube.

  • westicles1188

    play ray of light by madonna while you watch this. it makes it 10X more awesome

  • Роман

    yes 80% were Russia, вот так и живем))

  • purr

    bloody hell!

  • Aphrodite

    You might as well called it: Welcome to Russia

  • Ian

    Damn, traffic.. You scary!

  • NateDog


  • Bazil

    In Russia, road crosses you.

  • Nigel

    The accident at 3:13 is fucking epic… The guy goes through the fucking windshield…

  • Go Bucks

    I wonder how many underpants were ruined during this video?

  • tony

    Holy hell, from now on I'm staying under my bed

  • ScottyTheDawg

    The secret to holding your breath for an inordinate amount of time… Watch crazy "near miss" videos

  • Abbass

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  • Busternut

    Pant-shittingly close.

  • Noidios

    Dear Chive,
    Please don't post another video like this. Ever. This is not in the spirit of theCHIVE. Gives me flashbacks to high school drivers ed. Not cool.

  • jim thorton

    0:34 & 2:02
    that awkward moment when you realize that your survival instincts won't actually save you, but you just got lucky.

  • criddler

    Seriously people drive INSANE in other countries, cross walks in the middle of highways ? wtf

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