Celebrate Bill Murray day with some Groundhog Day facts (15 Photos)

  • The_Orange

    #7 False, I'm from Woodstock… It is still a family restaurant, not a Starbucks.

  • Corey

    Seriously, Just got the BFM email that shirts were available and clicked on it. Probably was 10 seconds since I got the email and they were already sold out. UGH!!!!! So bummed. I sure hope some arent ordering a TON at once and reselling them. That would piss me off.

    • Themachine

      You know they are.

  • RustyxTrombone

    Havent i seen this post befor ? haahaa get it?

  • Tom

    So what you're saying Chive, is that even when we sign up for the email notification that the shirt is back in stock, you go ahead and offer it to people that could be on the site for their first time before a loyal Chiver? No bueno Chive, no bueno at all. STGPBSCO (starting to get pissed but still chiving on).

  • MattKL

    #12 Not cool, groundhog!

  • Ray

    WHAT THE HELL?? It's not on Netflix anymore!!!! I just watched it 4 days ago. They removed the movie before Groundhog Day???????? Netflix, you bastards.

  • Lex_Luthor_II

    Billy Murray bought General Zod Wrestlemania tickets.

  • Tim

    Thank goodness #15 didn't happen. The movie is much much better as it is.

  • AC Chive

    Wore my BFM while this was on. Went to sleep, and woke up with my wife and daughter watching the replay of it. Awesome.

  • ChivetteN

    Very pleased to share my birthday with BFM Day. It is an honor

  • jawbone

    #14 It would have devolved into her singing nonstop about how she never had consensual sex, and that it was always rape.

    Tori Amos fucking sucks.

    • kentonk

      Very rarely do I wish I could vote down a comment more than once. This would be one of those times.

  • amber t.

    The movie has played all day loved it!!! #10

  • Dale

    #1 God!Chevy Chase would have made this really suck.

  • Mackin

    I suddenly want a Brian Doyle-Murray T-shirt.

  • Huddo

    #10 it's clearly more than 10 years, unless he's some sort of genius, it is more like a few hundred at least. Look at all the things he learns to do! He'd be pretty fun, but pretty weird to hang out with on Groundhog day +1.

  • FlappyJacky

    is it too early for flapjacks?

  • High Llama

    Don't drive angry!

  • Your mother

    Bill Murray is a liberal idiot

  • Abbass

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  • Joplop

    Chive on

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