Soooo…. you got wasted (36 Photos)

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  • GoBoom

    I can relate…….

  • CalculatedRisk

    #1 I've seen that porno. It's amazing what you can do with a tyre-swing.

    • anthony

      The chive sucks its all ripped off re posts from 9gag

  • Tron

    #19 that fucker better have brought kool-aid

    • Ike


    • Irish-Man

      Or the damage deposit


    At least someone was kind enough to put a paper towel roll under his cranium!! Hahahaha😂👍
    Reminds me of my sorority days……minus the Pre-teen Skipper doll

    • IDJAY

      #3 too bad for him the TP is not going to make his cranium feel better when he wakes up! though it is the thought that counts…


        So so true. Sad, but true. Ahhhh but that's the price one pays to party 😉

        • IDJAY

          Agreed, who hasn't been in a similar spot…..though no one was ever kind enough to give me a pillow or a make shift pillow lol

          • CASURFRGRL

            Lol!! I feel for ya! Btw, just saw the Go Daddy commercial where that kid kisses Bar Refaeli….best day of that kid's life. EVER!

            • IDJAY

              That was a lucky kid 🙂

    • ShatFacedDude

      Dude is shitfaced for sure…..


        Beyond shitfaced!! He's completely FUBAR! 🍺🍻🍺

    • Dedication

      You comment on everything on the chive and the berry. That is dedication.


        Nah. It's called too much time on my hands 😁

    • IDJAY

      Did you see that your Go Daddy commercial was listed as one of the ten worst on MSN.


        What?! Say it isn't so!!! Arrrggggg! To critics I shout, “DILLIGAF?!” That kid's day was made…and you know he told ALL of his friends

        • IDJAY

          Eh what do ya do, I'm sure that kid wouldn't rank it as one of his ten worst moments of his life 🙂

          • CASURFRGRL

            Right?! Lol!

  • @julesmarie310

    whoops! squeezed #10 a bit too hard.
    #14 Always Sunny… simply the best.

  • Gursch

    #9 i'm going to do this

    • Smaggerdad

      "Bill goggles"

      • Jeff

        Bill Murraying

  • chappy

    #15 that is just a disaster waiting to happen

    • MNExpat

      Seriously??? I want/need this so badly. I work with lawyers, so that could explain it. I'm pretty sure I could make a killing if I could get the exclusive on importing this…

    • bullsnot

      Yeah, a really good disaster.

  • m.england

    #13 – thats my friend. TWOTS = The Weekend Of The Summer

  • Guest

    Find the chick in the sailors hat in #1

    • Anaphylaxis

      You're limiting yourself. Find all the women. This photo has a lot of win in it

  • TrueCaper

    #25 K and C saved this picture

    • BtownBRUINS

      which C?

    • FatBitch

      Look at O! She's so fat! Trying to suck it in. Ha!

    • brutal truth

      pretty sad when K and C are the hot ones

  • TrueCaper

    #35 It's not a orgy until Woody from Toy Story makes an appearance

    • 13Aliens

      he's there…..

  • SnakemanDan85

    #25 find the K!!!

    • theForeigner

      O is trying so hard to suck it in her lungs are about to explode

  • Ryan

    #8 Forever Alone.

    • r00s7a

      Who cares when you have a bottle of Macallan, nectar of the Gods.

  • Bobby

    #17 i do this all the time while I'm driving.

    • Irish-Man

      Really? While driving? There hasn't been enough death and families destroyed because of Drinking and Driving? I'm all for brown pop fun, but your attitude is poor to say the least.

    • EduB

      How does it feel to lie?

  • Anonymous

    #30 "am I cute?!"

  • Dibo

    #33 Are those high efficiency light bulbs?

  • Abusement_Park

    #33. Now turn that fan on and let the games begin.

  • Erin

    Omg I am done drinking with white girls! They seriously turn into really obnoxious sluts. They act soo f'ing retarded they go above and beyond with it.

    • WSU

      I know, it's perfect isn't it.

  • @charlarandall

    just as Juanita explained I'm alarmed that a single mom can get paid $4922 in 1 month on the computer. did you look at this link Jump90.Com

  • Dusty

    #25 You idiots can say what you want, but the "O" got it going on.

    • JARED

      whatever, that whale is sucking in so hard she probably passed out after the picture was taken. dear fatties, learn your slimming angles. Do NOT repeated miss fatty O's mistakes hahaha dumb bitch!

      • Irish-Man

        Just remember slick dudes such as yourself who cannot string together a coherent grammatically correct sentence. "Do NOT repeated" I think you mean do not repeat.

    • bunchalosers

      fat chicks give the best head

  • Ike

    #25 just stop sucking it in letter O…

  • Sam

    #25 sick of seeing these girls

    • Rick

      What other pictures are they in?

  • jasgat66


    I guess it would be funny if she didn't look like she was so God damn near comatose.. Funking A.. Go get her stomach pumped..

  • shtshtsht

    The Heimlich maneuver? + a photobomb to boot!

  • whyme1973

    #1 Never get to drunk to enjoy the hotties.

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