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Soooo…. you got wasted (36 Photos)

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  • bryan

    #25, I wonder if "O" passed out, or if they got the pic in in time


    I thank God every week when I don't see myself in this section of the chive.

  • dbcooper

    #35 Malibu Ken's birthday?

  • alex

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  • YourfaceMyCrotch

    #8 you are not qualified to handle the scotch nor the assembely of that air craft. Toss the directions out with the ice… Use the force

  • B D P G

    #1 these sinanies end up in day sex 8 /10 times. God I miss ASU

  • Alabaster Shagnasty

    #25 Looks like the O has a hairy belly button. Say no to belly jewelry!

  • LeO

    #9 #12 #14 #35
    It's like a story on is own! Fuck yea 🙂

  • Nick

    Suck it in #25

  • herbs

    #25 girl on right is super cute. I want a date

  • Sharpie

    #8 Glad to see I'm not the only Lego nerd!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 – gotta give it up for this guy going all out.

  • midgetchivette

    #25…'O' really knOws hOw to suck

  • Don

    #8 oh my sweet baby carrots, that is the greatest thing of win. the only thing missing is bacon and boob

  • Hillary<3

    On the right. FIND HIM!!!!

    • Moe

      I second that!

  • Ryan

    #20 – You at Chive should be ashamed you posted that. Gun safety Rule 1 is blatantly violated in that. F'ing pathetic and these clowns should lose their dog. Shame on you Chive!

  • Dr. Gonzo

    Lookin at all these drunks makes me proud to be a pothead. Im gonna go smoke a bowl and get on with my day

  • @StAiChiLLin

    Leave the dog alone. #20

    • @StAiChiLLin

      Or give him a beer for putting up with you degenerates. Lol

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    #14 "Gotta CHOP IT."

  • LBF 4 ever


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