Boy, that escalated quickly (40 Photos)

  • navydudenamedjoe

    #39…I do the same thing.

    • gdizzle

      That and log trucks…

    • Bill57

      back when i drived a truck i drove very carful cause if i was carrying a heavy load it would spill all over the road or the lot lizzard at the truck stop lol. But i don't drive trucks anymore cause they are trucks that I don't drivew. for safety

      • I don't know

        Hey man, thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a good day.

    • some guy

      fuckin Joseph A. Navy and the A stands for all ha

  • Mr Ryeno

    #20 Uh,…Can You guys feel it kickin in too?

    • Matticus

      yep, her pupils are HUUUGE… we all know what's goin on there…

    • B-to-the-H

      Finn from Adventure Time makes a quick cameo.

    • electric boogalo

      tweaker right by the speaker

    • Ben Bizzle


    • alex

      This is what I assume happened here.
      As she looked into the eyes of Jesus, who was shredding an epic riff, she was teleported to the outer reaches of the universe on the back of a rhinoceros, whilst cats paraded in ponchos and purple barets reciting the scripts of Shrek 1 and 2 in song.

  • N8orius

    WTF happened to #27!? I want closure dammit!

    • Jean K. Jean

      He died. Are you happy now you sadistic monster?

      • Lolasaurus

        Pics or it didn't happen.

      • credible hulk

        He slide. And maybe flied.

    • Del

      THeres a reason you arent supposed to do some things……….. This is Exhibit A

    • Carib

      shouldn't safety ropes lead to something above you?

      • Mooseknuckle

        That's Top-Rope climbing. This guy is climbing "lead." He clips into bolts or cams (or in this case, ice screws) as he ascends. When climbing lead, if you fall, you drop double the length of rope from you to the last clip.

      • Mooseknuckle

        That's Top-Rope climbing. This guy is climbing "lead." He clips into bolts or cams (or in this case, ice screws) as he ascends. When climbing lead, if you fall, you drop double the length of rope from you to the last clip.

        • Cameltoe

          Thanks for explaining.

    • boob_cuddler

      R. I. P. Ice climber man.

    • Quadpit

      This is the video and explanation in the descriptions/comments (very end of video)

  • Tommychonger

    Go Ravens #28

  • Andy Valentine

    #20 – Ah, good ol' drugs

  • Jean K. Jean

    #36 This is the world's most popular sport. Make of that what you will.

    • mishai

      wanna be actor…failed cause overacting-So he do sport….

    • Nezah

      "Popular" … entirely based on the fact that every third, fourth or fifth world shit hole can find a relatively flat chunk of their festering hell with which to lay out a "pitch", then kick around a reasonably spherical object (a rock, some poor bastard's head, a tightly coiled armadillo, duct taped melon, etc.) and call it "football". (Or soccer if you prefer.) Prevalence does not equate to popularity. If this were true, then the Chinese are the most popular people on earth. (Do they like soccer?)

      • aceldama

        Number of people that watched the last World Cup final: 619.7 million
        Number of people that watched the 2011 super bowl: 111.3 million

        • Craigery

          Number of soccer players who cry and act like babies when an opponent touches them: most of them.
          Number of football players who do the same: none of them.

        • P90

          715 million signals were picked up for the final match, this doesn't account for the crowds of people that could be watching each screen. The actual figures for the entire competition was over 26 billion, enough for every human on the planet to watch three games each.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            what babies do: stumble around and push a ball ahead a tiny bit.
            what men do: pick that shit up and move it the fuck forward.

            fuck soccer.

            • Truth

              What pathetic ignorant pricks do: Bitch and moan about popular worldwide sports because the majority of the planet cares less than fuck-all about any sport big in their country (none of which, by the way were actually originally created there)

      • Truth

        Yeah because it costs a fortune to hit a round object with a stick or pick up a rock and run with it. I suppose you do have to spend money of the gay skintight clothing and a book to read to stop yourself from falling asleep during baseball or 'American 'football'.
        It's the most popular, most played, most financed and most watched/followed sport on the entire planet and your typical American attitude towards it and anything in general that happens outside the states comes across as nothing but pathetic.

        • jawbone

          Spoken like a true soccer player, Truth. By which I mean gigantic bitch.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          sounds to me like mr. truth is just jelous he isnt american.

          we know what sucks, and soccer sucks.
          wanna come do somethin about it? we'll kick your ass harder than last time…

      • 509 chiver

        You mad bro???

      • thorton melon

        Also true: Flies are also the most popular insect in the world and cancer is the most popular disease in the world. Check the stats bro, numbers don't lie.

      • buck

        Finally someone with sense! soccer sucks "Fast kicking! Low scoring! And ties… you bet!"

      • Big Poppa

        they do

      • I don't know

        I agree with your point but I just wanted to point out that a "third world country" doesn't actually mean that they're poor. Most people have that misconception. First world was the us and her allies, second world was the ussr (Russia) and her allies and third world was everyone else. It had nothing to do with poverty and has been bastardized today.

        • Craigery

          "Idiot" used to mean someone who couldn't communicate verbally; now it means someone who's stupid or someone we just don't like. Words change meaning over time.

    • Carl

      if it weren't for the soccer players, i would probably like soccer.

    • timbo

      I do love me some soccer, but this sorta thing needs to stop. There was no reason for him to flick that guys ear. Out of line.

      • Visitohr

        I've played soccer (or football here) for 12 years, 1 year national youth league and I do agree that these fakers should be punished for such acting. It ruins the whole game and just delays it even more.
        The topleagues have become sissy leagues, simply because a win means millions. If this sissy can get the other a yellow card, it means an advantage, wich can lead to a better result.
        When I played you didnt see these silly acters, I have sene broken legs, ribs and arms. And people would just get up and run on if they didnt feel something was wrong.

        If you want some good soccer games (and a bit more up to speed) you're better off watching top amateur leagues, or if you like tricksters, the Africa league. Those guys still play to deliver a game worth looking at.

        As for the eternal soccer-American football discussion; just enjoy what you like, who cares if one is more popular or not, both are huge and can be great to watch.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Soccer is for pussies.

    • thom

      Investigation Finds Suspected Fixing in 680 Soccer Matches

      At least 425 people from more than 15 countries — including club and match officials, and current and former players — are suspected of conspiring in nearly 700 matches in recent years on behalf of Asian criminal syndicates that made millions of dollars in profits by betting on the results, they said.

      Those matches included qualifying games for the World Cup and the European Championships, and two Champions League matches, including one in England.

      • ketut

        The World's Most Popular Spectator Sport is auto racing. Look it up.

    • UmbraFractus

      Any sport where a 0-0 tie is considered an acceptable outcome is suspect.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #1 Oh sure HE stays on his bike, but when I ride a bike in GTA and hit a curb, Nico flies like he got shot out of a cannon

  • Mr Mackey

    #20 Drugs are bad mmm-kay!

  • Coal

    #18 Wait… Who's arm is that on the left???

    • I don't know

      The kid with his mouth open in the black shirt…

      • Coal

        Well thanks captain obvious, That's a long bloody arm though.

  • Loki

    If #6 is #5 teacher this may be the world's youngest chivette. Chive on little one.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #38 that should lend some excitement to his day #27 That's definitely going to hurt in the morning

    • Bill57

      good one stan that day should be exciting but he shouldn't be lending anything cause if he doesn't get it back then it wont be exiting cause the other exciting thing is that the guy is going to hurt in the morning cause of too much excitment lent his way

    • expert

      both died man…..

  • Loki

    #14 Cynthia is on the sybian again.

    • Nezah

      I just threw up a little in my mouth. :S

    • Anomanom

      Do you mean Cytheria? Gods why do i know that?

      • Loki

        Yes I did, auto correct gods don't recognize porn stars names and I am- was too drunk to notice. Thanks dude.

  • boylightning

    For real???

    • That Guy

      Bad photo-shopping at the end. The green one never fell in – note the position of the crowd and the smaller white craft.

    • Mick Taylor

      No. It's photoshopped. Look at where the people are standing. It happened in Roundstone, Galway.

      • boylightning

        I see it now. The last 2 trucks are the same. Good work tho.

  • Schnizz56

    #8 size does matter

  • Mutt

    #13 God, I hope he didn't croak!

  • Fuka

    #36 way too funnyyyy lol haha

    • Lolasaurus

      Just another pussy.

      • Craigery

        I think you mean "Just another soccer player." Oh, that IS what you said. Nevermind.

  • mat

    #26 i don't understand.

    • tralfaz

      He looks like the newscasters son with the upside down face from Family Guy.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      It's a Giant Lemon

      • Mr. Somewhat Awesime

        When life hands you a lemon… You take your pic with it proudly!

  • JonnieBean

    #20 I feel like I've witnessed someone successfully pulling off Jenna Marbles' "The Face"

  • Fuka
  • Fuka
    • hmm

      holy BEWBS BATMAN!!!

    • The Fridge

      haha…who sleeps next to a microwave?

      • Steve

        College students.

  • Alex

    #27 WHAT HAPPENED??? WE NEED SUBSEQUENT GIFs! Hope he's okay!

    • Gallus

      I hope he is okay, too. But I can't help feeling that some of these guys who insist on doing everything extreme deserve a good swift kick in the ass sometimes.

  • project_2501

    #21 Has anyone ever seen Attack the Block?

  • Stick

    I doubt he's being serious.

    • FoolOfATook

      I think it's that guy from the WaxVac commercial that screams when he puts a qtip in his ear.

    • AZFan

      That's soccer for ya. Bring out the magical can of cold spray cure all.

  • BOB

    Holly shit Bob saw all of these last week- get some new material

  • Yak Surfer

    #13 Looks like Geico needs a new mascot.

    • Steve

      That's a frog.

    • Yum Yum Roll

      A frog isn't even remotely the same thing as a gecko.

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