Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • The truth

    #47 no one gives a sh*t what you are doing, girls got to stop with the text just show us your ass and tits and stfu k? Thanks

    • Naomi

      I'm #47 and I didn't even add the text…. they did when they posted it here. Thanks for being so kind…….

      • geo

        KCCO. But I am pretty sure the text was completely unnecessary, John.

        Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

        • Naomi

          Thanks for backing me up Geo! 🙂

  • Eric

    #24 … We Came As Romans!

  • jbvarnad

    #8 – Parenting….you're doing it right.

  • ratedarrrrrr

    Chive on #44 and good luck! The roads tough but you'll do fine.

  • RUhigh

    #44 You've got the whole Chive community behind you. Kick cancer's ass!

  • ImpressMe

    #31 God awful halftime show #44 KCCO and know that the Chivers are in your corner!!

  • crazydog

    #11 they need to buy chive shirts for the refs that turned a blind eye in the last 2 minutes (and the 49ers defensive line who basically stood around on the field all game).

  • DannoTheManno88

    #18 Seems like he did more than just visit.

  • SkillinVillain

    #29 Bacon @ 4:30pm

  • Hooker_Dude47F

    #44 Fuck Cancer and KCCO!!

  • egoff142

    #45 MOAR!!!

  • dave

    #44, keep looking up!

  • Canadius

    Yes, you thought it, but I posted it

  • komincents

    #44, kick cancer's ass……… KCCO

  • Matt

    #45 MOAR

  • Hilarious


  • Jake

    #18 Somebody got some…

  • Tyler P

    #34 Octopussy reference?

  • dan


  • Daintyhunchback

    Dear God if you're real I thank you for making an ass like this. Please send more to brighten my dark days!

  • von Mises


    Now there's what the woman's lib movement has done. In order to be taken seriously as a singer, you have to be able to sing while on a stripper pole. Okay young ladies across the world, you too can be used and abused as a sex object.

    liberalism – destroying nations for centuries

    • Guest

      But it's ok for chivettes to post half nude pictures? The chive is teaching girls across the world in order to be a chivette you have to take off clothes ! Just ssshhhh..

  • Dan

    #7 Thank you!!
    #12 Nicely Done
    #23 I miss home 😦

  • SEA253

    #17 Finally some good parenting !! A public shaming for stealing. Bravo !!!

  • A fan


  • judasp1

    #44. Good Luck! You have the Chive Nation behind you!

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