Guy returns to his office after a long vacation to find his desk transformed (14 Photos & Video)

The reaction of the guy being pranked….

  • blue_bronco

    Bob's drunk

  • Werd

    #8 New and Improved! The Cardboard Mac!

    • DrFunkenstein

      Only $2000 extra!

      • Epitomizer

        Amen brother

  • Wal-Mart customer



    😧😳 wow. Crazy idea. Very creative indeed

    • Rusty Shackleford

      i wish i had a job where i got paid to waste that much time…


        I'd say work for the government, but that'd probably piss some people off 👍😏

        • Burn the books!!!


          …Then go work for the US government, they are the bigest waste of both time and money on this earth.

          I love my country, but fear my government.

        • Burn the books!!!


          Its sad that they have scared you from using your right to piss people off.

          …and when I say they, we know who I'm talking about.

  • Sophie

    That is awesome

  • Mike

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    • JJJ


  • tv_paul

    That's thinking outside the box.

    • Trollolololololol


  • sfb101

    #11 Well done, but who leaves a pop-tart on their desk for a month?


      Pop tarts are like Twinkies. The only two foods that would survive a Hollocaust

      • YUP YUP

        Holocaust – Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire. Well… they are not people, so they might survive. On the other hand, fire does tend to destroy Twinkies and Pop-Tarts without having a single fuck to give.

        • CASURFRGRL

          Thanks for the spelling correction. I still stand firm on Pop Tarts and Twinkies “surviving”. 😘

      • Eetown

        I think you mean apocalypse… Just sayin

        • CASURFRGRL

          Yes. I did. Please excuse my blonde moment.

    • @cougar78

      Exactly what I was wondering. That's gross, regardless of how well it stays preserved.

  • *dash*

    Wow what kinda job does this guy have that they let him take a month long vacation?

    • jeff

      apparantly the same type of job that would give these clowns enough free-time to pull this prank

    • inkstained

      Perhaps he was saving up all his vacation days . . .

    • Jen

      probably a government employee

  • amber t.

    #11#5 this is insane, but so awesome. I'd just lol

  • chiver

    Thats pretty cool, if somebody leaves for a month at my office, we just use their cubicle to store shit in for a while, that'd be a nice surprise to come back to tho.

  • Duke Silver

    Jim did that to Dwight on the office, only it was wrapping paper.

  • BOB

    You SUCK Bob

  • Eetown

    I was counting on the video to be funnier

  • Tom?

    He laughs like George McFly.

  • DrakeFriedman

    Pretty tame reaction. . . .

  • TheDude

    If I were the office manager I'd be pretty pissed that these people had so much free time on their hands that they could rebuild this guys office in cardboard. There are people out there who want to work and earn some money, gimme a break. This must've taken at least 40 hours.

    • ScroogeMcDuck

      butt hurt?

    • Matt

      go eat a stale pop tart and get back to work!!!!

  • BigBoyWords

    At first, I was all like, 'man this post blows!' But then, I saw that Bob posted this. I changed my mind. I figured, 'eh, it's Bob. Good on him. At least he's trying and this time it's not some Eastern European/Russian/Asian lady-men.

  • John

    Oooh another office prank, how original!

    I kinda feel more sorry for the people puling the prank, they put all that effort into a lame prank done 100's of times before, I know its been done before because every one of them has been posted on the damn chive!

  • Irish-Man

    Funny. Though I do not understand why this guy thought Brandon Routh was a good Superman.

  • Designated Dave

    That cardboard computer still better than a mac

  • Sarah

    At my husbands job a reporter went on vacation for a week and they used tin foil to wrap everything on his desk everything down to his ear pieces and pens. It was funny and everyone including the GM laughed. On occasion if people leave mics or ear pieces in the photographer area my husband or his co-workers will wrap it in tin foil. Its just to get a laugh in a stressful job.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – this is considered a good prank?

    • Nick

      my thoughts exactly, the time worked on vs. pay-off is completely out of whack….

  • Revlis1

    Fun but need a victim with a pulse next time. This dude is just so damn medicated it's not really fun. It kinda seems like picking on a deer at the petting zoo or something, just not all that worthwhile.

  • LBF 4 ever


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