I hate to say you made a mistake but…you made a mistake (18 Photos)

  • Fernandot

    It's a shame to see this filed under "Idiot" and "Fail", all of this is subjective, she wasn't forced, it doesn't matter if you like it or not, It's her own face, she's free to do whatever she wants, and it's not something offensive like a penis squirting tattoo or something among those lines. Just because we wouldn't do it doesn't mean it's automatically an "Idiot" or a "Fail". It's very sad to see this in a website where tolerance used to be promoted, remember? No "fake" chivettes and all that? But of course, someone comes and does something "strange" and she's an "idiot". Shame on you TheChive.

    • Brother Maynard

      My sanctimonious bull shit meter is spiking.

    • cwilliams

      Well you sir made me retract a previous statement. I guess the chives not packed full of douche bags. Just the majority. Well said my friend. Well said.


    Before she got hers done, their kids only had a 50-50 chance of being born with hideous face tattoos. But now she's gone and made it guaranteed.

    Did you not consider the CHILDREN, Lesya?!

  • brian

    tattoos,only useful for IDing corpses.

  • Mikerhinos

    I hate tattoos so much…skin isn't a f*cking comic book, our body is already a peace of art, you already have all your stories written into it every day.

    U don't like ? I don't care.

    • well said

      right on brother!!

  • Spyke

    I think it looks amazing.
    Also, here's a link to the bme article: http://news.bme.com/2013/01/30/lesya-and-rouslan/

  • Big Daddy

    Fuck That!!

    • yes, yes and yes

      I would.

  • Viking

    Did anyone else think this was gonna be a post about a dude becoming a girl?

  • martin4787

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  • TheRef

    Gambled and lost. Can't figure out which one I'm talking about, though. #12

  • why

    # 12 scared the shit out of me lol

  • Brilliant

    Should have tattooed an "M" on each of her ass cheeks instead. That way it would be somewhat of an homage to "MOM". Unless you get her in the right position … in which case it would be "WOW".


  • Daith_Lee
  • ralph wiggim

    wait until the piercings start, i wonder if he picks his nose threw the holes

  • glw

    This is your brain on drugs!

  • goneforgood

    You know bullying even behind a keyboard is still bullying. Thanks chive for reminding me why I quit coming to your site.

  • Gonzo

    I just hope they don't reproduce. Anyone that can destroy someone's face like that

  • phil j fry

    what the hell is wrong with you ppl, she looks gorgeous with or without those tattoo's, it makes me happy to see someone who has the balls to do something like that… the problem with most of you is you have no soul and are terrified of sticking out and showing true colours

  • Gonzo

    What happens when that guy sneezes?

  • anditisLiz

    They left out that she got this tattoo only 24 hours after meeting him.
    They were only talking online before that! Craziness but to each their own I guess? :/

  • Gonzo

    Well, there is only two places she can work now;
    a tattoo parlor or Starbucks.

  • jeffsurf

    Probably had an abusive dick for a dad.. not a far reach to see that one. Seems for tats this extreme there should be a hell of a waiting period .. to save yourself from yourself..

    'They're happy and that's all that counts' to the few ppl who said that… uh no.. she's the one who will suffer when she wakes up/grows up….. Looks in the mirror and starts screaming.

  • Sabine

    And she was so cute! The sex had better be out of this universe for her to be crazy enough to do that! Just saying….

  • Gonzo

    In 5 years, that shit on her face is just going to look like a permanent five o'clock shadow. Even worse if she ever goes out in the sun again.

  • harri720

    I'll just go with wow.

  • canadianchiver

    well… she was decent…

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