I hate to say you made a mistake but…you made a mistake (18 Photos)

  • wolfbastion

    again. one minute its omg look at these hot girls with tattoos. next its fail idiot omg why would someone do that.
    Chive community opinions = whatever the chive tells you is cool.
    If they had labeled this positively everyone of you would be on the omg awsome band wagon.
    pretty close to done with this place.

  • Bob H

    Young, dumb and stupid!

  • yermon

    just fuckin end this world now

  • drizzle


  • Bristow

    Pictures 4 and 5 say it started with a small tattoo on here face, which is over her right eye. Yet in the later pictures (12) she doesn't have it any more. I keep thinking I'm looking at this wrong but I can't figure it out.

  • Brant

    And we lost another one.

  • Amy

    You put up a WHOLE SPIEL about some dumb chick that gets a tattoo on her face for some dick yet you cant post one pic of my baby doll and her go fund me account, not only have you lost a fan but you lost a future chiver in my daughter as well – you all suck big time

  • Sue

    What a way to ruin your beautiful skin… blech

  • Buddy J

    there is nothing uglier on a woman than a tattoo. she may as well set herself on fire and start over with skin grafts

  • nouu

    dumb bitch..

  • Natalia Borgia

    #17 FYI: It's the same guy that tattooed 56 stars on that teenage girl some time ago. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Guest

    Facial tattoos – nature's way of saying "poor decision-making skills."

  • Canucks_Rule

    #17 – fucking retarded.

  • Some1better


  • justagoalie

    So fucking STUPID!!!! WHY????

  • Mathias

    Hah, that's the same guy who tattooed the star-girl, a few years ago. He put a bunch of stars in the shape of a number 3 on her face. It was a huge deal cause she said she didn't want it but fell asleep during the procedure…

  • free


  • alex

    Why are all the attractive ones insane?

  • fairweatherfan

    #12 looks like a crime scene photo….

  • gs425

    Fucking freaks.

  • scallywagy

    Of course one must be wondering if Mr Toumaniantz’s wife may indeed be fearing about the new tattoos on her face or whether she too will one day have a change of heart? Yet one can say at this stage she is literally married to her new boyfriend for better or worse, which in some way may have been the intent of the marking of her entire face. Or was it?

  • criddler

    girls are dipshits.

  • jaal

    There's a typo in the text – where you say "met in person" surely you meant "met in prison" no?

  • andulamb

    Ruined herself. She was cute as hell, but that wasn't enough attention for her I guess. Now she gets lots of attention — for being a hideous mess. Congrats.

  • Krystal

    I love tattoos, but that is NOT a nice tattoo lol She was so pretty too…

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