• Hilarious

    That is awesome!! Freaking hilarious.


    Mental note: show this vid to my kids when they act up

  • Michael Frye

    reminds me of

  • Antitz90

    Is he the new muppet in the upcoming muppets movie?

  • PiEGuY

    His name is Jimmy Slonina and he's a performer for Cique du Soleil. You should check out his version of Gold Digger and Under Pressure, they're pretty funny.

  • daguy

    Most expressive Muppet ever!

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    Anyone else reminded of John Belushi?

  • EelemraP

    Watch this right before going to sleep!

  • 6hostparty

    His face = classic.

  • This guy over here

    Looks like Tim Robbins is off his meds.

  • Katatat

    After the fifth time of watching this, I realized: the guy. doesn't. blink. EVER.

  • Canucks_Rule

    chiver, where do u find this stuff?

  • Kenpachi

    Wow… definitely one of the most entertaining videos I've seen in awhile. However, I feel the need to check under my bed to make sure this creepy bastard isn't hiding & waiting to serenade my ass to sleep.

  • asd

    i swear i saw teo salamanca a few times in this video

  • grumpy

    Okay, that does it. From now on, that is the ONLY way I can truly experience that song. Perfection.

  • HGR1374

    I couldn't stop watching..Mesmerized by his facial expressions!

  • l550

    Effing awesome, do another!

  • putsumD'sondisbitch

    That frown he makes before he says "because" HILARIOUS lol

  • advnturetime101

    This is awesome, but all I kept thinking about was The Shining

  • Duralex
  • PatrickK

    I need to meet this guy….

  • bjorn parramoure
  • Alex


  • courtney

    He look like he pooted that whole sax solo lol

  • Pvtdeth


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