Signs full of “WTF” (30 Photos)

  • ccarl

    #17 this is 2 seconds away from my house. Great thai food hahhaha

    • Barrie

      Ontario Canada Right??

  • betamaxbandit

    #6 Christopher Walken in Weapon of Choice approves this message.

  • Paolo Camillo

    Legend with the italian top on

  • Ian

    #3 is right by where i live. use to pass it every day to go to school before enlisting

  • Rooster

    #4 I wanna go to C-Nada sounds like a cool place. lol

  • phil

    #28 KINGSTON ONTARIO! woot.

  • Ryan

    #24- BERRY WINKLE!

  • newscot

    #6 – Porter's Lake Nova Scotia.
    There's a third street in that community called "The Other Street".

  • Alex

    #14 Oh Peoria IL, you are a silly bitch.

    • bree

      This is right down the street from my house! Lol

      • readerareadevelopment

        Nice! When I'm making a meal and the recipe requires human hair this is my joint on Main St. Waaay better than Ferdinand's Wigs.

  • mopar_man

    I hate how obviously Photoshopped some of these are.

  • Rebecca


    • gabbie

      Yeah! I'm a block away from there right now!! Represent.

  • paolo

    #30 is almost definitely about a hockey team. Midget is the oldest age group, generally for high school students (16U and 18U divisions).

    • Midgetminded

      Really, I thought t a team of African American Little People won the Big Game.

      Its the next TLC reality show

  • Keith_D

    #20- You, my dears, have a deal

  • geekofalltrades

    #11 Hey the 42A! I ride that bus to the airport, when I have occasion to fly. Yes, there really is a bus system called Yolobus; it serves Yolo County, CA, which has been a thing for a lot longer than Drake or whoever sharted out #yolo. Where I live, we have a branch of Yolo Federal Credit Union.

    • Space Melon

      Dude I feel you. Davis for the win.
      Seriously though, goodness gracious people! Yolo county came before the stupid phrase! I hate seeing my home given that bad reputation

  • Jessi

    #2 is a place called the one eyed penguin, great place to relax and drink, shoot pool on main in downtown Dallas.

  • will

    #2 go home sign youre drunk!

  • Muss

    #4 Totally used to buy my Herbs there!!! that is f-ing awesome!!!
    Who is the Chiver from back home that posted this?

    KCCO PERCY!!!!….lmao

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