Hot Right Now: It’s not you, it’s meme (32 Photos)

So your team didn’t win the big game, take solace in some FLBP (100 Photos)

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And if your team DID win the big game, well then win-win I guess. Enjoy!

  • Vroom

    #6 Bazinga!
    #18 Thanks & & squishy
    #26 Good luck charm for next season! MOAR!
    #37 Usually don't carry cash but would make a special trip to the ATM to be held up by this lady!

  • Nogtp

    #83 wins this round for me. FLBP and cute.

  • J_ny

    #14 is a great cure for a seriouse case of the Mondays!

  • Average Joe

    #83 #99

  • oilfieldbill

    #78 can eat cookies in my bed any day mmmmm need moar!!!!! 😉

    • moses

      Alice Goodwin

  • Thurston Howell III

    #14 can be my girl nextdoor any day!

  • Dave
  • drbman

    #6 2 tons of fun! WOW

  • bee

    so footballs over…#19 #32 #78 …what were we talking about again

    • guy

      32 is angie varona. Not sure hold old she is these pics. Google her, she had a bad time with the internet. She learned the hard way, once it is online it will forever be online and out of your control.

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Look for #19 sitting on a pond. Or maybe she's trying out to be University of Oregon's new mascot. Stop the duckface, ladies…it isn't cute anymore. #78 is Alice Goodwin, and this one is a jackpot!!

  • jmonster

    #14 and #54 are gorgeous, but #82 is INCREDIBLE

  • Fish

    Thanks Bob, for yet another ridiculously HOT Post.

  • el niño

    #90 beautiful eyes deff number 1 in my book

  • DrFunkenstein

    #73 alllllllllllll day

  • quasimofo

    #53 God. Damn.

  • @hurwitzmm

    #63 #83 #90 FTW

  • Rick

    #42 took me a second to figure out this statement, oh and nice pov

  • AHoL

    #3 has been on the interwebs forEVER! find her and give us an update on those hammers! ha #46 those EYES……

    • turnleft

      #3 had them reduced. very sad day…

  • CaptainBoxers06

    #54 is enchanting! MOAR please!!

  • blah

    #46 #63 #89 Awesome!

    • Alexa

      Thank you!!❤ #63

  • Buzz Ungas

    Nobody mentioned #91? Absolutely exquisite…_

    • Tarkus


    • Vet

      Right?! I can't believe I had to come all the way to page freaking 3! I'm going to post jump just to make everything right in the world.

    • kmul

      she was in a burn bra a month or so ago… friggin Hot!

  • wes

    #33 #84 …..Daaaayyuuuuuummmm!!! A.V. should have her own post

  • wes

    I mean #32 angie varona

  • imeanamirite

    I am so proud to be a member of a website that is dedicated to the health and awareness of women's spinal issues. Proud Chiver right here folks.

  • angryprof13

    #30 makes my monday brighter

  • John

    #26 I love u GO Falcons

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