• Shea

    It's the GoPro for women

    • BAC

      Its a GoPro used properly is what it is!!!

  • echogeo

    "I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning,
    Like a whirlpool it never ends
    And it's You girl makin' it spin
    You're making me dizzy…"


    Im going to quit my job and watch this 24/7…..

    • SMT

      Please Check out 4:10 again! WOW!

  • momo19256

    Great video, great track and plenty of beautiful women in bikinis. Good way to start a monday off.

  • tv_paul

    You know…..for kids It's fun, it's healthy, it's good exercise. The kids will just love it. and we put a little sand inside to make the experience more pleasant. – Norville Barnes

    • Paladin

      gotta love The Hudsucker Proxy!

  • Mr big

    Apparently if you listen carefully there is music to this video….. And what a video it is…… I mean wow……

    • Be Original

      Honestly, chivers need to let this joke rest.

      It was funny when first written years ago. Now, it is just shopworn.

      Almost as old as "if you noticed _____, I got some bad news for you"


  • Sexual

    It was so awesome, I didn't care I threw up!!

  • DannoTheManno88

    Hula Cam – most amazing invention ever


      Wait. Wha?? I thought you said it was Roofiez Danno! 😁

      • DannoTheManno88

        Shshshshsh…'re gonna blow my cover

        • CASURFRGRL

          I got your back! Even though I'm a woman, I strictly uphold the BroCode

          • DannoTheManno88

            Awesome….wanna get some drinks?

            • CASURFRGRL

              Damn straight! Lemme know when you are in the Rochester NY area. I'm stuck here for two more years 🍺

              • DannoTheManno88

                Will do…it's a long way from here, but I've been dying to go to NY again. It's been a while.

                • CASURFRGRL

                  Where are you?? In my home state??

                  • DannoTheManno88

                    Was born in Cali but live in Colorado.

  • sfb101

    Much better than the Puppy bowl!

  • Wow

    That was f'ing magical.


    Venice Beach. Where the magic happens. At least that's what my brother just said. Ok me too, but only because I love my home state!! 😜

  • Guest

    Noassatall having broads dancing like hippies


      Hippies don't use hula hoops. Or shave.

      • Guest

        Ok we'll they still have Noassatall 🙂

  • Joseph

    There is something about hula hoops and sexy girls that drive me crazy.

  • Jeff

    Amazing. 🙂

  • Brett D.

    I'm was late to class because of this… I guess that's what happens when you keep watching it over again.

  • Incognegro


  • Alex

    The redhead in yellow and green bikini at 1:36 is amazing

  • Guest

    Oh it's so beautiful it's so magical…..???

  • martin4787

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    • Truth Hurts

      I just don't think that's possible and, well, I had sex with Amy on New Years Eve.

      Er, an Amy.

  • jplla

    this is right in front of my house. how in the hell do I find out when you are doing this again.

  • AcidVoltA

    What's the song? I didn't see it credited.

    • dave

      the song is called If It's Love by ATB featuring Melissa Loretta

  • Null

    If only my tongue was a gopro camera.

  • Candlejack

    Katie Sunshine is better.

  • Hybrid

    nice video.

  • Canucks_Rule

    like looking at a lava lamp. mesmerizing.

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