A shoe phone is the next logical step said no one ever (11 Photos)


  • Nick

    Make a real life version of someone elses stupid idea = Art… seems legit

  • awww shit

    there are no nokia jokes the damn thing is made from a nokia just look at the screen. and its the only thing indestructable enough to put in a shoe

  • HoosierChiver

    Can we find #10? I think she deserves a shot at being COTW or something, yeah?

  • Don

    Not one picture of Maxwell Smart in this? seriously Chive, I am disappointed

  • Prettyswellguy

    Let me just put this dirty stinking crap covered shoe to my face…..there yup I'm an idiot

  • Zucharelly

    Might cost a leg, that shit.

  • scott

    Ok, so even with smart phones now, we "butt dial" less than we use to, but it still happens. NOW, you have to worry stepping down wrong, and dialing someone, so that they can hear you walk? WTF?!?! Who was the one that told this guy, "Hey, that's a great idea!!!"

  • WetFeet

    #11 So you're walking around town….in the rain, and your phone rings….your shoe phone. Now WTF do you do?

  • NoFlyList

    Anybody remember the shoe bomber guy?

    Imagine all the friends you'd make when your shoe starts beeping in the middle of a flight.

  • MaD MaiN3

    If you don't get that dirty-ass shoe out ya face!

  • Timbo

    Missed it by "that" much

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – unless ur name is maxwell smart, u look like a moron.

    • Paws

      Why the exception for Agent 86?

  • kelly

    Pretty sure that as soon as you step in a puddle, the phone aspect is dead

  • http://tinterojizo.com AmelH

    What if you step on a pile of shit and by some reason you did not notice, then the phone rings… this is not a good idea at all, that is why it was comedy.

  • Brian

    a lot of people would never want to answer their phone.
    Why? have you smelled peoples shoes? bleh

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