Discovering the new Tapiture (10 HQ Photos)

Welcome to Tapiture 2.0! Tapiture is the fastest growing website on the internet right now and it just got even better. Discovering, sharing, and buying the best stuff on the internet has never been easier. Tapiture is crack simple to use. Let's start with the new Tapiture Homepage...

I know many Chivers use Tapiture to house their favorite Chive photos but it’s so much more than that. Tapiture allows you to Tap any image or video on the entire internet you deem worthy. Once you bring a photo into your feed, it gets shared and ReTapped by the community. Your favorite photo may end up hitting Tapiture’s coveted homepage. If you have a knack for finding the best images, you will quickly become a Top User!

Discover the new Tapiture RIGHT HERE.

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