College and Pro scouts……you watchin'?!

    • Sean

      He will probably be an accountant


    "oldest sibling" -No respect

    • Irish-Man

      Truth. I was laughing until I hit that part, and I'm a dude.

    • MakesSenseToMe

      He probably only has 1 sister. That being the case, oldest sister wouldn't quite work. While older sister does work, it doesn't establish that she is older than all the brothers. 'Oldest sibling' is most logical.

      • Real dude

        True, but lets not let logic deter the eternally offended.

  • sfb101

    The next Larry Bird!

  • Huell

    Pfffttt… .I could take him.

  • HesLarryBird

    Who needs Dwight Howard?

  • StarboardEngine

    SIgn me up, I want a Chive basketball jersey with "Titus" on the back.

  • xuocram

    o big whoop i could do that too ya know

    • Brian

      Video of you between 18 & 24 months or it's not true

  • Hrdwood

    Kids got some balls…

  • Joe

    DudePerfect needs to do a video with this kid. I can't believe he made those trick shots letmalone the regular shots.

  • JJJ

    That last shot through "The Gauntlet" looks rather fishy to me.

    • Stevey

      It does look totally fake!

  • kory

    That dude is legit

  • mp1113

    "shoot the J shoot it"

  • loonytik

    This kid is money!

  • Pretty_ink

    i want to spawn a kid that cool

  • Shpledy

    I was trying to be amazed but all I could think the whole time was "WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TUNE THAT GUITAR."

    • willie

      then turn the volume off

  • http://TheChive SherryBud86

    OMG!!! I love it!

  • human

    BREAKING NEWS: Titus just verbally committed to Kentucky.

    • JustSayin'

      From a Lexington Chiver, Go CATS!!!

  • Plurp

    Nothing like a baby to make me feel untalented and inadequate.

  • Squwilf

    Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes

    • Pit_Boss

      My old man says that most of the time you dont even try or even run down the court. Except in the playoffs.

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    If this kid isn't the best jump shooter in the NBA in 20 years, I'd say he wasted his talent.

    He's already a better shooter than 50% of the league.


      Completely agree with you Los

  • http://theChive.com YEMX

    Dude Perfect had a kid?

  • Eric L

    Awesome video

  • electric boogalo

    Yeah, but can he play defense?

  • http://coedmagazine.com/2013/02/05/2-year-old-makes-greatest-trick-shot-video-of-all-time-video/ 2-Year-Old Makes Greatest Trick Shot Video Of All Time [VIDEO] «

    […] via The Chive […]

  • invalidusername

    What a little legend! Keep your eyes on the NBA in 15 years for Titus Whateverhissurnameis

    • Josh

      Titus Whoshisnuts

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