• explorataur

    Dude Perfect – The Early Years

  • sam

    holy hell. i didnt even see the 18-24 months til afterwards. this kid is going places

  • Dre

    I call photoshop on this shit

  • Chi_Dave

    It is amazing how much the mind develops at that age. That's it. I'm going to go get my 2 year old some nunchucks.

  • Duckie

    His name is Titus. Of course he's gonna be amazing.

  • seabassdrop

    In ten years he will be beerpong champion of the 6th grade!

  • John

    Mind officially blown

  • Ashly

    That was the cutest video I have ever seen. This kid needs to find a scout asap!!

  • nerd

    This is stupid.

  • David

    Worst form ever.

  • Black's Only

    Too bad he's white.

    • d.c.

      too bad your a fucking idiot

      • Bianca

        U fuckin ignorant son of a bitch

  • countermonkey

    i love the way his brothers cheer him on!

  • Simply Joe

    There goes all my hope of accomplishing something amazing by an early age – he beat me by 20 years

  • Urbanator

    Rim is bend forward on one hoop. Kid must have been dunking on it too.

  • Job

    Heard he dunked over a power wheels once.

  • Jon

    Titus must have found Michael Jordans old shoes lying around

  • Canucks_Rule

    if this kid grows up to be an accountant, i will be greatly disappointed.

  • Brandon

    The new and improved J.J. Redick!

  • BarrowsBOY

    Proudest dad ever.

  • red4

    How the hell do people not want kids? I don't have any, but have always wanted some. Sure, they're a pain in the ass half the time, but the rest of the time they give your life new meaning.

  • immatur33

    Baby Novak?

  • Matty

    oh wow. :D.
    hope he goes far. 😀 🙂

  • sfbaker

    White Mamba!!! Watch out kobe!!!

  • Jesse

    wtf! hell yeah!

  • http://twitter.com/TommyBlazeHD @TommyBlazeHD

    I think the Lakers just found Casol's replacement!

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