• Kris

    Doesn't seem like that's very fair (or fun)

    • mim

      If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

    • Gokage

      It actually makes it more challenging. First, you are looking through the viewfinder of the camera and not the scope. Second, you have to focus depending on distance. This adds time to taking your shot. I have the same set-up for when I shoot my guns and crossbow when I hunt pests to show my friends.

  • jabba

    Must be a Call of Duty camper!

    • Stupid

      beat me to it.

  • ryan

    im a fan

  • sfb101

    Nice head shot @ 1:15…

  • Curious George

    Perhaps I haven't been here long enough, but can somebody explain to me why sometimes (seemingly more rare lately) Chive posts Youtube videos from the source (embedded) but most of the time they re-upload it themselves?

    For instance, this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K80t5vAQg0o) has been up for 5+ months, so I don't think there's a fear that it will be removed randomly. And embedding seems to be allowed or the embed code would not be present.

    I don't even see a link to the original source video/youtube channel. Or I'm blind. Which is quite possible.

    I don't get it. :/

    • Derick

      Can you go do that shit somewhere else?

    • DAV

      Nerd alert

  • OneEyedWilly

    Totally fun and fair. He who invests the money wins the game. If it was a tournament that would be different.

    • Derick

      Just kind of seems like a bitch thing to do. "I love to paintball but I hate running around and getting shot. So basically I like to shoot people and not be seen or shot."

    • NotFairAtAll

      Totally fair? To hit someone that far, he has to have the FPS turned up past the allowed limit. Not only is it dangerous, you can get kicked off the park for doing it.

      • Anonymous

        It specifically says that it was in a tournament. However I'd probably still call the scope fair since it says "sniperz" in the name. The fps thing is probably a factor though.

      • Bojo

        Looks like he's shooting firststrike rounds. They're good for up to 400 yds at 290 fps. 50¢ a shot though. And its a big game, not a tourney. Youtube PSP for real tourneys.


    Only pussies need scopes for Paintball. Grow a pair and play the game the way it SHOULD be played…..up front and personal!

    • Huh

      Up close and personal?


        Are you really that anal over the phrase?? I meant it as on the front line. Which is why I said “front”. Christ almighty. KCCO. No. Really.

    • 1quick6

      Obviously you don't play paintball. There are different types of courses to play on. Speedball is "up close and personal" very fast games on a short course. Whereas there are very large fields you can play on that require more tactical play such as staying back and sniping.


        I DO play paintball. No, I haven't played each and every course offered, but I DO play. I still say scopes are for pussies. My opinion. You are entitled to yours.

  • Boo

    He should go out with a spotter to give distances and windage.

  • pacificcrestplanning

    Come on down to SuperGame in Oregon where he was. BEAR CLAN will be there.

  • tv_paul

    Paint Ball with Scopes?! Progress?! Flobble-de-flee! In my day, when we were angry and frustrated, we just said, "Flobble-de-flee!" 'cause we were idiots and we didn't know what else to say! Just a bunch o' illiterate Cro-Magnons, shootin' single shot guns , waitin' in lines for our head to bust open by a frozen paintball and that's the way it was and we liked it!

    • DRK


      • tv_paul

        Close, Old SNL Dana Carvey "Grumpy Old Man" Sketch.

  • Salt

    That's why I say hey man, nice shot.

    • & Peppa

      What a good shot, man.

  • AnItalianChiver

    The paintball sniper… Hahaha. As CASURFRGRL said, bear the fuck up and play like John Rambo!

  • Johnson

    Thats lame dude fight like a man

    • Sorbz

      You mean by sparying and praying like the average paintbaler?

  • duh

    Oh wow. A pussy camper that hides in the woodline, off the course, sniping opponents. He should use that scope to find his balls.

  • NOLA


  • jmstech

    I take adults and kids out to play paintball for their first time on a regular basis. One of my rules is that no one is a sniper. Sniper is just another way of saying, "I'm afraid to get hit". The guy in this video is a wuss. A wuss that has more time and money than testicles.

    Real paintball is played as close as you can get, real men play with a gun that you have to pump that only holds 10 balls.

    • Bojo

      I agree with everything except the pump part. Almost anyone can dodge one ball. Dodging 12.5 every second requires a different set of reflexes.

      • Shockteck

        Yeah and whats this real man shit? I think a real man would be willing to walk into a small field knowing he might get smacked 15 times in a second, but runs like mad for the flag anyway.

      • Slappy

        how do you dodge half a paintball?

  • DarthBile

    Where I play, we glue paintballs to samurai swords and have at it.

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  • Sig

    Thats cool, but I'm forced to wonder what the chrono was reading on his marker before he hit the field. I have a hard time believing he's shooting at legal speed to be hitting targets that accurately from that distance. Theres a bunch of ways to be a douche playing paintball and shooting hot brings you right to the top of the list.

    • Jack Burton

      Shooting hot is a dick move. Is he using an old Tippy .68??

  • Dbar

    You guys and gals sound like haters who cant afford scopes. If u r all that take off all that fukin padding.

  • Travis

    That's pretty cool but I agree, Up close and personal. The camper comments from Call of Duty. Hilarious.

  • Justin

    I have played paintball many times and almost every paintballer I know would agree that what he is doing is wussy. If I was the other team I would organize an all out assault to bunker that SOB! Teach him a lesson he wont soon forget.

  • Peter

    That was a wicked video got that one guy right in the hand haha nice I know that hurt

  • Canucks_Rule

    i like how he adjusts for the arc.

  • You

    As kids we used slingshots. Very very fun and cheap. Ultimate up close and personal. If held carefully the paintballs don't break in the pad.

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