Why would you ever get out of bed? (46 Photos)

  • Dustin

    42 no contest

  • Heywood Jablome

    ladies, all of you have my compliments, but # 37 …no words…

  • LowCal

    #19 is beauty personified. FYI lovely lady, Wednesday is Hump Day at The Chive. Just sayin'.

  • Hybrid

    damn #42 is phat. 😀

  • RGH

    #19 wow

  • Peteskivt

    #29 Sweet

  • Yayo

    42 obviously and whoever says that chick would be hot except for the cig is beyond gay, one it's a fuckin prop and two only a homo would let that stop them and don't give me that lung cancer second hand smoke bullshit ur just a pussy if u think like that I bet that girl doesnt even smoke

  • cjay

    If I woke up next to any of these ladies- #27 #37 #39 #45 there would be no reason to get out of bed.

  • bdg

    #14 WHO is this amazing beauty???

    • bastiao

      mara roldan colombian model

  • 나 입니다

    #10 이효리 입니다!!!!! 예뻐!

  • Terrible

    Some ugly bitches in here…. Chive needs an editor

  • freezer boy

    #24 is off the charts. What a fucking body on this slut.

  • freezer boy

    #40,#42,#43 ready for some serious doggie!!!

  • Fal13n

    JEEZ #42 & #44 are amazing! They know what they are doing that's for sure!

  • Dave from Australia

    #42 I have seen that hump and bows many times before and everytime i get the same feeling. U r absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing

  • Toes

    One time I woke up jerked off and came on my girls face, she didn't wake up. She's fine as hell but I got the f*ck outta there

  • Andy

    #39. MOAR! For the love of everything, FIND HER.

  • anotherchiver

    #42 is amazing

  • allen

    Must be found, please

  • CincyGuy

    #42 Awesome! Can never go wrong with ink like that, let alone the hiked up skirt! 😉

  • Hono7

    #28 I could never leave a bed with this beauty in it..Can I get some MOAR

  • Cz7819

    #14 #18 #21 Done.

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