Yep, seems legit (27 Photos)

  • Frank


    • JAFitC

      Cleverness is no cure for douchbaggery. Sorry.

    • Groundhog Day 4Ever

      Here's your award, Frank.

  • baddbuzz

    Some "cocks" are pretty mean

    • baddbuzz

      oops insert #6 here

      • CSW

        are hitting on me?

  • PHL

    #1 Good try buddy, like the effort

  • PB&J

    #19 That's one helluva free steak salad!!

    • Moi Sterection

      He didn't read the fine print

    • ajr

      As a bartender, it is not a "spiked arnold palmer" The correct name is the "John Daly"

      oh yea.. and thats one expensive salad.

  • femtrooper

    #21 perhaps the tiny dog killed the big dog and we really should be afraid..

    • Murph1908

      But it's got teeth…
      It can LEAP…

      • The Occupant

        Dang, beat me to it.

        • Silverstone

          You and me both….damn you, Murph! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • tv_paul

    #20 Maybe he's a rich mute guy who really wants a drink.

    • Garret

      It took me a minute to see where you were going there, most amusing sir.

  • Wantomas

    #20 Hey, it's better than fourst.

    • Simon

      It was the fist that I got that day.

  • MissChris

    #6 If you've never been chased by angry chickens, then you just don't know man….

    • LINK

      I have, it's some scary shit.

      • Jack Wagon

        I was removing the transmission out of my truck and my brothers stupid fucking rooster kept attacking me under the truck, got my co2 semi auto pistol and blasted his ass full of bbs when ever I saw him approaching. Fucker finally stopped haha who ever ate him probably broke a tooth tho… sorry for that

  • runswithbeer

    #8 Check out the gravitational effect those things are causing!! They must be real…

  • sfb101

    Must be some pretty big cocks! #6

  • billyboy

    #15 I laugh every time

  • DannoTheManno88

    #19 Must be from the IRS dinner special.


      You stole my line Danno ๐Ÿ˜’

      • DannoTheManno88

        I stole America's line…we were all thinking it. Now I have to pay the thought-to-speech tax.

        • CASURFRGRL


  • Huell

    Lol @ #15 "Call 911 you whore"

  • fuzzbucker

    #25 the last samurai does not look like a samurai

  • SkillinVillain

    #2 What? I was there, I took the picture… this is legit.

  • tv_paul

    #16 Lookin' for a comely woman to raise my barn and churn my butter.

  • Del

    #9 need an xray to know

  • TylerDerpen

    #3 I'd rather have a dreamcast than a wii

    • Tex

      i have a gamecast

      • @IAM_splashnasty

        i cant afford no xbox haha

    • @305Colombianito

      Sonic Aventures!!!!!


    #1 can't remember how many times I forged my parents' signature. Dad, if you see this—-IGNORE!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • Juan R

    #8 Looks shopped

    • Annonanananana

      LOL "Looks shopped", I get it.

  • Stick

    I would rather have the Dreamcast anyhow

  • darkohanzo

    #25 I know what IM being for halloween!

  • Stick

    Have to have a sign if you have a dog or someone is bound to sue you.

    • Gues

      Wrong…ask your insurance agent. Having a sign admits you know there is a danger and you will be liable.

  • MattKL

    #4 #10 PedoBear-approved.

  • @Trollfric

    They all seem legit to me. Where do I click?

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