Come on everybody do the humpy hump… day (54 Photos)

  • upupandaway

    #23 are those dead flies smashed on your mirror?

  • Michael

    Hey #20 – that's amazing… My name is Richard 😉 Keep it up

    #32 – WOW!

  • zgl

    #2 – get to my place now! #46 – the curves of a goddess.

  • wasinnc

    #28 you got that plate on top of your bookshelf in the corner at pier 1 didnt you? BTW awesome hump:)

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 #6 #14 #41 #54 – some delicious humps.

  • Nom

    It's humpty…. Pronounced with an umpty

  • cjay

    #38 #44 nice….very nice !!!! Awsome hump day.

  • Berttt

    They are all beautiful.

  • Troy

    #32 #36 #43

    We have our winners

  • nathan

    #2 is all that matters

  • peter pan

    Bad,bad, girl #28


    #13 "Wait! Come back! I know where my thumbs need to go now!"

  • Beotch

    They say, that it's not what you say but how you say it. Well speaking the words chive on, is using the word chive out of context is an example. Blind acceptance of lies about compliments can be hazardous. Insulting everyone by calling compliments, so-called sexual harassment is the ultimate slap in the face. Calling men names because they compliment their breasts, cleavage, or rearend, give a compliment through whistling, staring,looking is being juvenile. Making complimenting bodyparts a "crime" is childish.

    • come correct

      The legal standard is a "hostile work environment", e.g., in the seminal case the boss made his secretary fish his car keys out of his pants when he had an erection. WTF does that have to do with your run on sentence?

  • Troop67

    #30 who are you??? Wow

  • abba

    #8 #11 #46 Just WOW!

  • don'tfearthecreeper

    #7 Alexei Bazdarev. You're welcome

  • Kansas

    #2 who is this?!

  • rush222

    Comments about #7:
    1. First of all MOAR!!!!!
    2. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight if the sight is more like a "hind" sight?
    3. If I don't see you more, I am going to kill myself.
    4. Okay, not kill myself but I'm going to be really really sad
    5. I will spend an unbelievable amount of effort, all my money and all my life's work just to find you because my happiness now lies between those cheeks. I can keep going but it's already way creepy… you're a work of art. That's the last thing I'm gonna say. And did I tell you about love at first sight? Okay, stopping now…

  • schango

    #36 has been running through my mind all day long

  • Mr. B

    Not to offend every beautiful half-naked butt out there, but butt #30 kicks ass! Totally awesome

  • Nevenem

    #14 and #46 find find find moar

  • ben

    #28 and #43 id like to go to town on that!

  • Alan M (Wales)

    #7 and #41 awesome, can't decide, could I have both please!

  • Atl

    is the best!!!

  • shaker

    #7 #30 best humps right there

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