Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/therealpaulyd3 @therealpaulyd3

    Uhh #9 with a side of#35, to go plz.

  • Chris

    Cincinnati meet up this Saturday at Cincy's on Sixth!

  • maboze1x

    #4 Brati hravati, da ste nori! 🙂

  • Eddie

    #9 – Find her a bit annoying, but good lord, what a body.
    #28 – This ref needs an award. That was awesome!
    #35 – Oh Alison, why aren't there more girls like you?

  • ImpressMe

    #16 Park the car. Go back into your home. Stay there.

  • Jason

    #15 What the fuck is wrong with teh one in backs ankle

  • tv_paul

    #35 Even if you're lactose intolerant this is one piece of Brie I bet you wouldn't mind eating off a cracker.

    • Zucharelly

      Totally so!

  • Ponderous

    On of the better DMA in a while

  • Canucks_Rule

    #29 – every time i see this robot, i just think about it crying when it fell down the stairs in robocop. lol.

  • Jeff

    #30 You guys are assholes…

  • socalmarti

    Apparently only trolls come out to comment and vote on theCHIVE, it used to be such a funny,witty,whimsical place… 😥

  • 16inchzipper

    #8 Mercury Mistress' fat, drunk older brother.

  • yoyoma

    #32 excellent shop work

  • Alex

    #28 Nice sportsmanship!

  • Anomanom

    #5 Where is this?


      Im also wondering if the wall is an aquarium that looks through to the atrium? hard to tell

      • BrgMx5

        It´s the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin.

    • Sunder


  • Kieran

    #2 That is view from Gondola in Steamboat Springs and the bar is The Snowbird. THE BOAT!!!! Come party in Ski Town, USA CHIVE TEAM!!!!

  • angryprof13

    #8 might not be the best idea to show your license plate!

    • rich

      Yep… That's my car but the good thing is all the cops are Chivers in my town (Bowling Green). So far so good.

  • jai

    #1 serious talent #15 is just way cool

  • phil

    #15 I loved Streets of Rage!

  • TheFrontier

    #19 Trust

  • TheChiver

    #35 Alison Brie is HOT!

  • SarahC

    #40 What sorcery is this?!

  • Macro

    #23 Homer did a loop

  • Peter

    #31 You're doing it right.. LIKE A BOSS!

  • ChiveMaster

    #35 Goddamn I love Alison Brie.

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