Found: This Amazing Tush (34 Photos)

Her name is Mahina Alexander. She currently has 340 Twitter followers but something tells me that's about to change.

Mahina's Twitter Machine.

Mahina’s Twitter Machine.

She also has a well-kept Tumblr and Instagram.

  • Mr. E

    This is clearly a more important discovery than the remains of King Richard !!!

  • slip

    finally… true love!

  • TheYesMan25

    #14 BOOM

  • Jeff c

    First and foremost THANK YOU for getting these pictures together. BUTT and I really want to know the answer to this question….how am I ever supposed to find a girl that could possibly compare? I'm ruined! That HUMP, that Face, Those Eyes, Those hips…I'm ruined. The end.

  • Jonathan

    am I the only one who thinks she resembles either of the olson twins?

  • samib1331

    I ashamed that you even posted this without it being in HQ. Please redo in HQ! All of them!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    So fucking stunning.

  • drw3722

    So John? You just find very attractive women off twitter and facebook, then post them on your web site for the rest of the world to drool over. Meanwhile these gorgeous women end up worshiping you for all the recognition???? Can we trade lives for a week?

  • @TMLhammy

    I guess I could follow her on twitter…

  • 3 fan

    #17, maybe a trip to the boobie store?

  • FLChiver

    Check here for more on her :

  • Assman
  • TheHalo

    Send her a tee, and let us know how many more Chive-followers she gets

  • IU slayer

    Those eyes!

  • paulhitchcock

    #3 She apparently doesn't like food very much.

  • Macro

    The face ruined it.

  • mehh


  • reggie1610

    #34: As tight as a mouse's ear!

  • tap1

    #1 #34
    Stop banning your own pre-approved CHIVE photos/post on TAPITURE!!!
    Cmon chivers/tapers!!! Make this happen!!

  • Thunderbeast

    Where is the amazing Tush? All I see is a long back. A little helpful hint for all of you who think this chick has an ass. If you can her thong from top to bottom, there is no but in between. If you want to see a real ass check out Kathy Fierro. Now she has an ass, and women of that caliber have asses. This chick has a beautiful face but doesnt have an ass by any standards.

  • Gregatron

    This post could also have been called "In case you weren't sure what a "10" was…"
    #30 ……………….. Dude……….

  • LowCal

    # 1 best in class, by far.

  • TheBeagle

    Someone send this girl the proverbial shirt "Who needs tits with an ass like this".

  • Ally

    As a girl, I am jealous of her bathing suit collection

    • Jen

      Duh. Buy here:

  • JesseG

    #2 and #33 are not her, it's her friend who is also smoking hot.

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