12 Movie plot holes that you can never un-learn (13 Photos)

This earth-shattering list via Buzzfeed

List via Buzzfeed

  • Ruckus

    #12 I asked that question ever fuckin time. Still a great movie though

  • purasuma

    #3 Nowhere in the movie is it ever mentioned that paper is the most valuable resource. And really has nothing to do with the plot anyways.

  • Hugh

    how about in Star Wars. Little Anakin helps to free Naboo from the illegal embargo, and kill all the bad guys. He's hanging out with the Princess and alot of Jedi's. and nobody can give this kid a ride so he can go buy his Mom out of slavery? Obi Wan, Quin, and the Princess were there when Anakin was a slave. they met his Mom. Did everybody forget about her? WTF?

  • Mika

    #11 Have NONE of you watched Doctor Who?! Changing time like that would create a paradox. A person realises they have to go back in time, they go back in time to change whatever it is they wanted to change, but with the person saved, test passed, whatever it may be, they don't have the reason to go back, therefore they wouldn't have gone back at all.
    Even with the destruction of the time turners in year 5, before the death toll really begins to rise, they wouldn't be able to go back in time to prevent any deaths from occurring. They were only able to go back and save Buckbeak because none of them actually witnessed his death. They saw the ax fall, but didn't see him die. Therefore, when they went back to save Buckbeak, their past selves were still left to believe Buckbeak had died, giving them the reason to go back once time had caught up.
    Using the argument of, "they could have stopped Voldemort from the beginning," while made with good intentions, is a ruddy terrible idea. If Harry and Hermione, for instance, went back in time in year 3 to kill Voldemort before he killed Harry's parents, Harry never would have been the Boy Who Lived, none of the events would have occurred, and once time caught up, Harry and Hermione would be 13 years older than when they left, but their past selves that originally were to have gone back in time wouldn't have left in the first place to go back in time to stop Voldemort because in the reality they created, in their paradox, they wouldn't have had the reason to leave in year 3 to go stop Voldemort because the fucker is already dead. Not that they would get the chance, what with the whole paradox ripping apart the fabric of time thing.

  • adamtank52

    #10 That would have to be a pretty impressive turn to make it through that door. Also when the bags break on his walk home HOW DOES HE GET THE GROCERIES HOME?!!

  • Grant

    Hermione gives the time turner back to the ministry of magic at the end of the third book, they lent it to her at the beginning of the third book. not a plot hole, don't disrepect my childhood

  • babaganush

    #8 you take that back sob

  • Pvtdeth

    #1 He doesn't think he's a toy, but subconsciously he knows.

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