Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • vols_fan

    #34 you're doing it right…just lovely…

  • Mr. Cold Brew

    #17 is a goddess! We need MOAR! For a kings and pat Kane fan!

  • Trav

    #17 – I just became a Blackhawks fan. Incredibly sexy.

  • Han Solo

    #44 hey I like star wars too- we should f#*k

  • Felipe Rodriguez

    Does anyone else notice the penis on the puppies face in the book of #10?? why was this book made?!?!?

  • AceGT

    #29 SJU how I love you!

  • Dave

    Atleast she still knows her place. #41

  • Fuck the chive

    The chive trolls reddit and is a a nonstop repost of original content. Fuck these twats

  • babaganush

    #32 yep, seems legit

  • Foci

    #34 I hope not the last time you post
    #50 Simply amazing

  • yermon

    #18 – I enlarged the pic to see whats on the book.

  • Christina

    Y u no put me in DAR ever? 😦

  • Adam

    #30 is the Hoot saloon in Tx. Great bar

  • facepalmer

    #23 so that is what u call a snow day?

  • True

    Army cute aka deployment princess aka actually ugly around other women…

  • wasinnc

    #23 thanks for bearing the cold…and i cant wait to see you in the mind the gap sometime soon maybe?

  • umyeah

    #9 would love a taste and #17 hate the Blackhawks but damn!

  • cjay

    #9 #17 and MOAR of #34. Nice DAR today Chive.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #32 – photoshop done right.

  • Choochoowillie


  • Brandon

    #44 the force is strong with this one

  • Steve Schultz

    Much Much MOAR of Jade, PLEASE!!!

  • Raven

    Anyone read Dorner's manifesto? It says KCCO just before the end. Thoughts?

  • 神威

    dem lips. Moar, Yes please.

  • Bremen

    #37 is cute… but it looks like she made a hat and scarf out of a bath mat

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