Introducing Offerman Woodshop!

offerman lead Introducing Offerman Woodshop!

Today theCHIVE and Nick Offerman are proud to announce the newest Chive Tee, Offerman Woodshop. We couldn’t think of a better person to team up with than Nick. He’s one of the most honorable men we’ve met in this strange Hollywoodland.

Today also marks the release of theCHIVERY’s Custom Cut & Sew Line. All Chivery Tees will now possess consistent sizing and uniform fit – with the same familiar softness; all made here in the USA.

Offerman Woodshop available in men’s and women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

We know these tees will not last long and we promise to bring you another release of O.W. sooner than later! Good luck!


  • Dennis

    black kcco available too

    • stock194

      First rule of Black KCCO…..

      • Dennis

        my fault, i thought sharing is caring

      • Jake

        how exactly does one find out about the black KCCO though… not that I mind. thankfully I can wear both small and medium, but still, curious.

        • GFj

          have to know where to look

          • Jake

            that's not a very Chiveresque reply. rather cut throat. definitely not a random act of kindness.

            • Jake

              nevermind, figured out where you got the scoop. good job on that one.

              • Alex

                They also usually post a clue on twitter when they are available.

          • ThatGuy

            The Bird is the Word!

    • weaksauce

      Too bad the Offerman ain't in black

    • Jeremy

      Have they starting to sell the bfm and KCCO ones yet?

      • Jake


  • sad times indeed

    $28 to wear the face of a man who supports gun control…………Ron Swanson would be disappointed.

    • ron swanson

      you suck

    • Alex

      One more reason to buy one IMO.

    • larry

      Something tells me Ron Swanson already knows the price.

    • True Dat

      Be better if they brought back the American Badass. Love the character more than the actor.

    • McBeastie666

      He took part in a PSA against gun violence. Hardly the same thing. Douche.

      • Eatshit

        Your a fucking moron. What do you think the plan is? Maybe just Ask the pill heads nicely to go away. How will taking the guns of law abiding citizens help anybody.

        • McBeastie666

          you sound like a little bitch. nobody is coming for your guns, least of all Nick Offerman. no go back to your bunker and hide.

  • Pilgrim

    Sweet. Got one.

  • raforce


  • ChiverOnFoot

    Got one!

  • Dan

    You do know of mark ecko cut and sew right?

    • Need a new name

      That's kind of what I was thinking…

  • BAW509

    Purchased…looking forward to the new fit.

    Will go well with American Badass.

  • Jake

    score. it's a good day. I'm feeling the new BFM coming on with this one.

  • Sampson

    always nerve wracking

  • Ryan

    Snagged one

  • Alex

    Got mine! KCCO and good lock to all of you!

    • Alex

      *luck (damnit why can't we edit a post?)

  • CallMeMaybe

    Yay! 3XL! This makes Gov. Chris Christie happy…

    • None!

      No fat chicks!

  • larry

    got one, but the price of these already pricey shirts going up might make this the last one. Glad the sizing is better also. The first time I bought 2 KCCO originals in xxl that fit like a Medium.

    • Steve

      The KCCO hoodies are funky too. I bought an XL and had to give it to my wife because the fit was so strange in the shoulders and arms.

      • chiver

        yea the hoodie was a size too small in the first batch, then the next launch after they added the inside pocket, they made them "roomier" which brought it to more normal sizing.

    • not one of the sheep

      considering you're paying to do Chive's advertising for them, you're paying way too much

  • IrishInNJ

    Great, another shirt that last 4 seconds in theChivery. Check eBay…I'm sure they're on there already.

  • Ian

    Boom, Ordered 10 seconds before 3pm

  • Eric

    I have the green chive in 2x, but decided to get this in 3x since they went with the new fit. Super pumped

    • chiver

      is it going to be a new fit or now is it just going to be standard? i was a size Large in all other chive tees, is this one going to fit different now?

      • Eric

        From my understanding its going to be a better snug fit. I could be wrong. The kcco green one I have didn't shrink, but I'm tall so it was kinda short

  • anewmein2013

    Adding to the collection…

    • Gaaaay


  • Abusement_Park

    Checkout complete……Boom.

    • Gaaaayest


  • manilovefilmsdylan

    I like this one, but I can't un-see the disproportionate head/body.

    • gabe

      yeah, that's needs to be fixed before I spend the money

  • @Violaceousgirl

    John was wearing this T-Shirt at the christmas party. jeez i'm on chive too much…

    • chiver

      I remember that, although his didn't have the goggles on the head, thats what threw me off with the teaser for the new chive shirt last week.

      • @Violaceousgirl

        ahhh good catch

    • Kristen

      Oh geez I'm bouncing on a stiff dick too much*


    • violaceous fan

      I'd be happy to keep you entertained in other ways

  • fred9000

    $28 for a t-shirt?! Come on…$20 at most. If Chive is giving all the profits/proceeds to charity or something like that, then detail the info and I'm sure I would buy. These cost at most $10 each to make in volumes of a few hundred.

  • Chivebomb

    If they're sold out then fix your stupid POS ordering website! I will NEVER try to buy another chive tee after last experience, cool website, but you won't be making any money off of me.

    • Ryan

      Dude that's the fun of it. If they were easy to get than what would be the point

    • Capitalism!

      Minus the advertising money they make off you every time you click their website.

  • yes please

    Have the new KCCO shirts gone on sale yet?

    • chiver


  • @BryanWillTweet

    Dear Chive,

    Please make less Men's S and more Men's L.

    Warmest regards,

  • gabe

    Fix the design. Looks like he's sticking his head out and he looks like a toothpick.

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