Men and women are practically a different species (12 Photos)

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  • Brian Fellows

    Hey girls are different than guys! Isn't that crazy? This is probably the shittiest post I've seen in my years of chiving. Gender stereotypes are real and will never go away, but this kind of stupid post sure doesn't help.

  • Steve Grenier

    I can't even pick one to link to, they're all amazing. This post made my day, and there's still bras to be burned!

  • crazydog

    all true.
    however, boobs.

  • open minded

    #7…sooo accurate.

  • A Cat Named Mittens

    and once again.. bob copies and pastes from caveman circus.

  • Powerfulweak

    #12 is pretty spot on

  • Proof

    I knew it was true!! #7 GIRLS DONT POOP

  • Dydy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this entire post made my day. #19 and #20 is priceless.

  • Pnut

    Wow. I lost it in my office. F***ing lost it. Great post gentlemen.

  • SirCtheIII

    #3 If you do something stupid, you deserve to get some criticism.

  • Growl


  • CJduGard

    Gosh how I just love blanket statements… All of us women are just the same– only exist for your viewing and fucking pleasure. I realize this is in good fun, and it may be true in many cases, but it seems to me Chive is becoming increasingly more sexist. While some females that view the Chive may enjoy being called "Chivettes" and propelling the idea that women are simply objects to be enjoyed, not all of us do. I mean, maybe this is crazy, but some of us want to be seen as people, with personalities, complexities and a story. But what do I know? I mean I have a vagina.

    • Anomanom

      Nature of the oppressive patriarchal social structure, I suppose. But aside the systematic (or unsystematic) dismantling of the current social structure of the world, I don't see that changing within a time span shorter than decades.

  • stomachpunchoomf

    WTF??!! This was posted on CavemanCircus yesterday!

  • Shar11

    good post made me laugh.

  • Shelby

    #14 that's me and my boyfriend. Except he takes up the most space.

  • tyrrrr

    LOLd at a couple #14 #16 #8

  • bowiehockey55

    #3 my friends and I… come on women, get it grammatically correct.

  • Raz

    A little sad I saw this on cavemancircus yesterday. Will never stop visiting The Chive though. That circus place is a barren wasteland compared to here.

  • Shay

    #19 and #20 are so good. The Money thing for sure!

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    Annnnnnnd ALL of this is the reason the majority of my friends are male. Bitches be CRAZY!!

  • TucsonPhil

    ah hahaha! so perfect, I go through this with my lady every morning! #7 #12

  • neolith

    Could someone explain #16 please? I don't seem to get it.

  • Alex

    Well I guess I am a man because I don't waste my time with this girly crap. Especially #19 – my friends and I always pay for meals at a restaurant like that. I guess we just actually like each other unlike so many other groups of girls.

  • Jay

    Couldn't have said it better myself………….

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