Shopping carts in the wild (18 Photos)

There are no groceries for you here friend 😦

  • Fuss

    MAC, this is weak – coming from you especially..

  • cfielder

    What am I doing with my life?

  • Mike

    Thanks Mac!

  • SD_Scott

    Not going to lie, this totally appeals to my weirdness… and I like it!

  • letsgoride

    GO home shopping cart…your drunk

  • BWaecker

    I saw a documentary on this, It's sad.

  • Magnus

    I did abandoned objects for a project once, had a shopping trolley shot!

  • a_j_w

    This needs to be a video with David Attenborough doing the voiceover.

  • Permanent Guest

    It's a shame. They're kept in captivity for so long that when they are finally released into the wild most of them don't know how to survive and usually perish. Sad really.

  • Some1

    Did we just jump the shark?

  • mandythedestroyer

    is #7 tsunami debris from Japan..?

  • Shakezulathemicrula

    You've inspired me to start a shopping cart rescue center for any and all breeds of abandoned carts. I will be immediately accepting donations to help fund their spay and neuter!

  • - Art

    […] […]

  • chrisreever

    #8 The minority shopping cart is going to get jumped.. Racism is still strong guys.

  • Paul

    #17 because bewbs

  • TID
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