Soap for manly men — you heard me right (17 Photos)

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  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #11 #17 – excellent.

  • Macro

    I want #1 #11 #17

    And come on, Bob, give people a link at least:

  • Steve

    fuck all that.. i wash my hands with Lava.. and what i do during the day will give make me a smell like things i dont need fufu soap for

  • J.P.

    While -I- like the smell of several of these I'm not sure how many woman would. So, what if you came across a woman who had baseball glove smell from one of these bars of soap? Is she not into men? Is she looking for men? All sorts of confused if this would work lol

  • Michael Romanowicz

    Doesn't using "designer soaps" defeat the purpose of manliness? I buy soap that's cheap and says "soap" on the side.

    • thom

      Spot on! Like the why men buy shampoo picture in the other post.

  • umyeah

    #13 going to see if it helps with the ladies

  • The Glockster

    Where's the soap that smells like Chuck Norris?

    Other soaps to consider…

    Bar Fight
    Muscle Car
    Navy Seal
    Early Retirement
    Vegas Weekend
    Man Cave

  • Ben

    I shower to NOT smell like beer or piss. why would I want that?

    also WTF does the cash one smell like? traces of cocaine and people scratching their balls?

  • Force Kin

    Wheres the 'Just been fingering her' scent??

    • Dydy

      You earn that badge of honor sir. Can't fake your way into that club.

  • Cinest

    #5 red wine sir? You are wrong! This is opposite of a guy smell.

  • Cinest

    #5 red wine sir? You are wrong! This is opposite of a guy smell.

  • Patriot_Matt

    #2 am I the only one concerned about this one? I'm terrified that someone might bathe their entire bodies with this and then I'd be forced to eat them. I bet that's what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer.

  • socalmarti

    #15 I would like that one!

  • Charles Broderick

    Ive been getting my manly soap from he packages it with ducttape and it is home made with manly ingredients like beer and gunpowder! (And he smiths his own swords)

  • Dydy

    Some of these would probably make me still think I'm dirty after getting in from yard work. But the one scent that most guys with bushman pits already sport naturally is #9. Gahead, skip that deodorant or baking soda, you'll smell like fresh cut Carolina creeping green or for some of you… crabgrass and puppy landmines.


    I'm a woman that would gladly buy some of these for my husband and would love using them also. The wood, leather, bonfire and nagchampa would be my, and his, favorites.

  • HillbillyNinja

    Everyone knows Lava is the ultimate man soap. that's why it's in automotive instead of beauty aids at Wal-Mart.

  • Joe Dirt
  • Joe Dirt

    #8 the only soap that makes you bitch that the government is constantly infringing on your rights and then turn around and bitch that the government needs to monitor what is said on TV and radio, stop gays that are marriedin civil unions from getting equal rights, and force Christianity down the populations throat.

    • JinGJ

      Wow, one up vote. You Sir, scored big there!

  • grumpy

    Actually went to buy one, until I learned at checkout that they charge $6.95 per bar for shipping. That's $6.95 to ship a $6.95 bar of soap.

  • curly

    I am waiting for the gunpowder one

  • Max

    If you have a penis and and care about the scent of your soap, no matter how it's labeled then, sir – you are gay.

  • dima_c

    urinal cake? obsession? wtf!?

    how about:
    cap guns

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  • babaganush

    No cheddafrumunder???

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