These new mail order brides might be returned to sender (27 Photos)

  • finally


  • chiver

    I have the weirdest boner right now

    • sandy astroglide

      That never gets old.

      • Meh

        If u have no originality and need "moar" of the same jokes

  • Steve

    #27 Don't buy it

  • Notknowing

    #6 Yikes!

    • Iso

      Is she actually choking a lizard?!?

      • Notknowing

        …better than chokin my chicken.

    • batman

      fatnerd is strong in OP

  • Dumpster

    #27 is beautiful… the rest are taking dumps

    • Bearwolf

      I wanna see this website

    • Anon

      what was wrong with #8 again? Wish I was a panda.

  • glenngarf

    What the hell is wrong with #24???

    • Trailer Ray

      That's the first thing I thought. She's smoking hot, Add.To.Cart.

    • Novalee531

      Seriously gonna ask the same question. What guy in his right mind would say no?

    • advnturetime101

      She's hot, but if you guys ever broke up…. you'd probably be shot 😦

      • Fish

        Totally worth it

      • Mike

        Doesn't matter had sex.

    • Matt

      Laura croft?

      • Bob Épine

        Lara Croftova.

    • fuck that

      She'd murder you in your sleep.

  • DaddyD

    I'm still good with #8 and #27. They can't be any crazier than my ex.

  • Jmstan

    #9 Mmm Mother Russia!

    • Hara

      Bro the way this works is you buy the one but get both. You gotta house the babushka but she'll get your floors clean and your whites white.


  • stevedave

    #9 left or right?

  • baddbuzz

    In 70 years #9 will look just like her mother . . would not buy . .

    • Keith Robicheux

      In 70 years your cock probably won't function. You need to enjoy the time you still have

    • ChodeLauncher

      I'm sure in 70 years you'll be quite a looker as well…

    • Doug

      Essentialy you are saying you would never get Ice Cream because if you dont eat it then it will melt. Shut up, eat your damn Ice Cream, and enjoy it.

  • ChiveOnFromCalgary

    #27 WAS NICE. The rest… well, this might be the scariest Chive post in history.

    • saltygary

      You missed the canned food post.

  • PedoBear

    #4 #8 – what's with the bear fetish

  • MylesofStyles

    #2 I don't know what you're talking about. This dude is actually kind of pretty.

    • sfb101

      So is #17

  • sfb101

    #3 Is busting my nutz!
    #14 Ahhh in the kitchen and vacuum, SOLD

    • SpotJohnny

      #14 I'LL TAKE HER. Thanks

  • tv_paul

    #19 Nicki Minajinski

    • Ammnesia

      Thanks for the laugh, you clown 😛

  • the390

    Sexy! The one on the left is not that bad either.

  • FLChiver

    #2. I think I see an Adam's apple.

  • saltygary

    Good lord those can feed Ethiopia. #20

    "The Milks Gone Bad"!

    • Just Me

      I think my motorboat would get stuck in there.

    • Archer

      Still would…

      • Nogtp


  • tv_paul

    #22 She probably took him for granite.

    • Where's Dildo

      In her defense, he had a heart of stone.

      • tv_paul

        She drove him crazy, he lost his marbles.

        • majorfathead

          Then he hit rock bottom

  • shwan

    #14 just needs sandwich making materials and thats my dream woman

  • Dylan

    Some of you are just too damn picky! I wouldn't complain about any one of these! #4 #5 #8 #11 #12 #13 #14 #19 #22 #27 Oh and I think #24 is actually cute too but she might shoot me in my sleep.

    • Bucky Jones

      Everyone can be picky on the internet but in real life most guys on here would find them really attractive…well most of these girls anyways…

  • TheBAMFinater

    So how does the sex work? Always wondered when these posts go up.

  • fng

    #11 is not to shabby, but that dog is freaking me out.

  • Ski

    #8 #13 and #27 Please…and how much did you say expedited shipping was?

  • Dusty

    #4 Isn't even in Russia. That stairway is in Budapest, Hungary… It goes up to a strip club.

    • Guest

      That's some oddly specific knowledge…

    • Keith Robicheux

      Impressive. You really know your strip club stairways.

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