A few random travel facts — why not? (20 Photos)

Facts via Traveltamed

Via Traveltamed

  • Brick

    #1 thats vegas baby…

    • asd

      no, that's Paris.

      • Dick

        Vegas is not a country

      • AhhmeArse

        That picture is taken from the hotel in Vegas.

      • Anon

        What I think he is saying is that that is not the real Eiffel Tower but a replica in Vegas.

    • Meve

      well let's face it there's no building under the Eiffel Tower XD

  • navydudenamedjoe

    m going to Las Vegas in march, where should I go first?

    • Anon

      the strip Joe

    • Scott

      Margaritaville Balcony over the strip for drinks!

    • RobTalk

      Fremont Street. Cheap rooms, buy ins, drinks and hookers.

      • Gonzo

        Bazooka circus.. And bring ether

      • ThisCity

        Fremont Street… if you want to get stabbed and robbed.

    • Vegas

      Cirque du Soleil

    • Shap


  • Tiber_Septim

    #9 #12 seem legit

    • Guest

      Yeah, except they (9) also knew how to spell the word weigh, unlike the person who created this.

  • fabio

    IT's explains a lot.

    • jaypee

      like what? what does it explain?

    • Guest

      Too bad it's B.S. There are a lot more countries that have no rivers.

    • CanadianMedic

      I.T.'s explain computer stuff to me

  • alex

    #1 Thats because all the immigrants have to pass through France to get to the UK

  • TJN

    the falkland islands are off the coast of argentina..

    • majorfathead

      Still part of the UK

      • Leo D

        The falklands are a british oversea territory, not part of the UK. The UK is England, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

        • FionnR

          Are you fucking serious? How are people not getting this? IRELAND IS NOT PART OF THE UK!!!

          • Leo D

            Northern Ireland and Great Britain make up the United Kingdom. Ireland is not part of the UK, you're correct. However, I never said it was. Northern Ireland IS though.

            • FionnR

              Read your comment again, also you forgot poor bonny Wales

              • Leo D

                Well I feel a right prick. This is what happens when I get no sleep. Apologies, I made an error, you were correct.

                I'm just gonna go sit in the corner, I feel a bit stupid now.

                • FionnR

                  Not a problem man 🙂 …it's the one thing we're sensitive about, silly but ya know yourself

                  • Sully

                    I like the way you guys settled that. Apologize, forgive, move on. And not one direct insult. Well done.

                    Now you two go to Washington and straighten things out.

                • squid

                  are you guys Canadian?

              • TJN

                yeah, who gives a fuck about Wales though

                • SUPer4Life

                  Not the Japanese…that's for sure!!

                  • Joke drum

                    bum bum tiss!

                  • Ryan

                    Thanks for the chuckle.

    • Crawdaddy

      But are a commonwealth of the UK.

    • P90

      Can 310 miles still be considered 'off the coast'?

    • Neal

      The correct name for those islands is "las Malvinas." While ownership is disputed, and the Malvinas have been used as a political football… both by certain Argentine forces related to the military dictatorship (and the "Dirty War" of the late 1970s and early 1980s), as well as by a sagging Tory government in the UK to regain military credibility and gravitas, the Malvinas should and must be considered to be Argentine.

      • Mat

        Oh fuck off! They are the Falkland Island and are part of the British Commonwealth. The residents of the Falkland islands consider themselves British and until they change their minds it will stay that way, and they have every right to self-determination . If you want them you could come and have your teeth kicked in again in an attempt to retake them.

        • Neal

          You know that your about to have an intelligent debate when the person on the other side starts with vulgarity.

          I suspect that you don't expect that the British would ever have their teeth kicked in because the British have no teeth

          • Mat

            Yes, normally I would start a debate a bit more civilised but then this isn't a debate. A debate would suggest there are two sides to the argument, there are not, the Falklands are British.

            Though of course I see you went for insult rather than trying to "debate" your point.

            We have no teeth? How do we eat then? Last time I checked I have a full set of teeth thank you.

      • UmbraFractus

        The residents of the Falkland Islands beg to differ.

  • André

    I have not been in many countries where you are not allowed to ride in the front, just saying.
    /sweden chiver

    • OneLucky

      im thinking its just kinda an aussie thing 😀 we are pretty damn relaxed

      • I don't know

        I think you misread what he said. He's saying that in most countries you're allowed to ride shotgun. I know you can here in the states if you want, most people just ride in the back.

        • Jen

          i always ride up front when im hammered. i prefer it. HEY BUDDY!

      • CanadianChivette

        We do the same in Canada!

    • David

      We ride in front in NZ also

  • Scott


    What if I live in Mongolia?

    • HOORAY


      • Dave

        I'm Asian, and I laughed at "Mongoria."

  • eernehmernmerhs

    You don't say? #20

    • Rhomboid

      It's not terribly difficult to go to Antarctica. A lot of travel agencies have trips, you just have to go to the southern tip of South America and hop on a boat. You can even book trips through National Geographic.

  • AnItalianChiver

    #15 rivers of petroleum..

  • Rusty_rules

    #16 we sit in the front in New Zealand too

    • sniper

      More room for the sheep (girlfriends) in the back

    • Goldmember

      Same in many countries in Europe.

    • Smee_again_garn

      New Zealand……Australia's version of Canada.

    • rob

      Same in Ireland

    • Oli

      Same here in CANADA….Im starting to get the idea that it is only in the USA that they sit in the back..

      • Nicholas

        F-that dude, I ride up front all the time! of course I do get strange looks from the drivers sometimes. But meh, I don't like feelin like we gotta be all Edwardian about it, ye ol Chauffeur will drive me to the Queen's inauguration and be quick about it lest I give ye lashes in the public square!

  • cheeriooh

    #16 In Germany it´s standart to sit in the front of a Taxi…

    • Ride

      In Sweden too!

    • Salas

      Its pretty common in Mexico too.

  • adamaus

    People in the US dont sit in the front seat of a taxi? Why?

    • Andy Valentine


      • Guz


    • Bob Barker

      Because the cabbies are afraid of getting robbed or killed. That's why a lot of major metro area cabs have the plexiglass barrier between the front and back seats. Don't know about rural cabs…never needed a cab in corn country.

      • Tycub

        true. we have tractors and buggies for transportation haha. oh, amish. (i am from amish country in Indiana).

    • Shira

      I've only ever sat in the front seat of a taxi and I live in the US.

      • dedubs

        you're weird

        • Urethra Franklin

          Took cabs home in SF for years. 3 Drunken fools in the backseat and another up front…never an issue

    • LCR915

      It's mainly in large US cities like New York, Chicago, and LA. In Denver, there is no such rule and you can sit in the front if you want to. It's like that in many other mid-sized US cities as well.

  • Simon

    #3 Using the internet to plan a vacation? Really? Who'd have thunk it.

    Seriously. Facts more about places than travel. Facts with wrong pictures. Facts with typos. Facts that are inaccurate. I can apparently say this because it's Friday and IDGAF.

  • Manu

    Adding salt and pepper to your food is absolutely ok in Switzerland… where did you get that from????

    • Wha?

      Adding salt and pepper WITHOUT tasting beforehand is considered rude everywhere, especially in restaurants where they typically try to season your food properly.

      • lawnguyland

        If you are in a restaurant and there is salt and pepper on the table you are not in a fine dining establishment.

    • JustJoe

      I had a nokia ages ago that had "internet" with tips when traveling, it said in the US it's considered rude to cut your baked potato with a fork… I live in the US and never heard of it, made me laugh though

  • johnr982

    #1 France is a beautiful country with many sights to see. Pity that it is wasted on the French!

    • A french guy

      Boy that escalated quickly 😉

    • Excellcior

      Welcome to the world redneck, where you need to learn more than one language.

      • Shockteck

        I used to think the French were jerks until I was walking through the palace of Versailles and Hairy fat guy with no sleeves on his Orange County Chopper shirt bowled me over to get a photo of a chair. Then I understood. 20 million assholes like that where in my country every summer and I would be a little uptight to.

        • Dexter

          Well in fact , sadly, jerks are everywhere …. in France, US, UK ….so you're not entirely wrong.the bigger the country/city you visit is, the more likely you are to encounter such stupid jerks . Just a statistical fact.

  • franko

    #5 what a tolerant country & religion. On the maledives they must be very afraid of the bible

    • MonkeyMadness

      You got that right.

      • Big Poppa

        that's a whole can o worms you just don't wanna open.

        • davo

          the bible is stupid. but so is the koran so……

  • Chester

    #13 is just wrong. If you're using population density to determine "remote(ness)", which is an odd criterion in any case, Greenland, the Falklands, and others are much more sparsely populated. Being a landlocked country, though, probably means that Mongolia is less "remote" than, I don't know, South Georgia or Mauritius.

    • Big Joe

      Do you mean Valdosta?

  • Sotôr


    Wow, that's crazy! I would go crazy with just 13 days. In my country the minimum allowed by law is 22 days, and the older you get the more days of vacations you are awarded. You guys need to start a revolution. 13 days is not enough time to keep calm and chive on.

    Now I get it why a few days ago, on the post of the video in which a guy went on "a month long vacation" and his friends replaced all the items in his office with cardboard items, one of the comments was something like "What employer gives A MONTH old vacation?".

    • https://www.facebook.com/david.neuland David Neuland

      I was thinking just the opposite. I wouldn't know what to do with so MUCH vacation. I haven't taken more than three days of mine each year since I've been with my company (16 years).

      • doohickle

        Agreed David. No matter what job i had, and no matter how much I hated it I didn't feel like I was entitled to any paid vacation. My last job forced me to take paid vacation time, and half of it I spent going back into work, and talking with my co-workers, and boss.

        • NonBrit

          That's pretty hard core. I want more vacation, myself, because I want to travel the world. It's not that I don't want to do hard work or that I don't like my work, I just have a lot of things that I'd like to do. I imagine when I have kids I'll feel it even more.

        • Jonathan

          If you are in any kind of accounting function or are a manager, forcing someone to go on a vacation is a great way to uncover any fraud the individual might be perpetrating since the individual will not be present to keep it going/covered.

          • upinya

            You're a sneaky fuck, Jonathan. I like it.

        • Offspring22

          Work to live, don't live to work… It's a big world out there to see.

        • sfb101

          Your a sick little monkey. You guys really need to get a life.

    • Jonathan

      There is a reason we are the most prosperous country in the history of the world. We get our asses to work. By and large, we do not feel entitled to ridiculous amounts of time off.

      • DDD

        Its also why we are one of the most stressed out countries, and out of shape, unhealthy countries.

      • ZachBob

        Bullshit. I deserve all the time off I can get and then some.

    • Big Joe

      Most companies realize the importance of time away from the job. Everyone needs time for rejuvenation. Overworked employees, do not make for good employees.

    • Prettyswellguy

      lol, I see 13 days paid vacation meaning salary employees get it, hourly usually get vacation pay only.
      13 days vacation here in the big C is over 2 weeks to a salaried person since you would likely(not always) receive Saturday/Sunday or two other days off within 7 anyway.

      I always want more vacation time, it would allow me to do what I want and not what my boss says. You people that don't take any vacation are crazy. Every day you don't take is money OUT of your pocket and into the companies.

  • Albert

    #6 you can spice things up, no one gets mad. But don't do it before you even tasted the food.

    • gallowaycreations

      I knew a manager who would take job candidates out to lunch during their interview. If they put salt or pepper on their food before they tasted it, they wouldn't get the job.

  • Dre

    #7 you mean in the Maldivas, Argentina.

    • Guest

      They can down vote you all they like but The Falklands/Maldives are not in "The United Kingdom". They aren't in Argentina either though. Its a bloody Island in the Atlantic Ocean for goodness sake.

      • Martin

        Its Malvinas not the Maldives. The Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean.

  • Martin

    #7 You hear that Argentina, The Falklands in the UK. Take that bitches.

  • kuest37

    #8 I knew it!!!! Damn Asian people need to stop!

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  • Jonathan

    #4 makes me proud to be an American, where we work.

    • Dave

      This makes you proud to be an American? Really? Of all the things to be proud of, you are proud of the fact that the corporations in this country do not give adequate vacation time?

      • Visitohr

        Or that you dont even have a decent healthcare system with all that hard work for your country… I dont envy you.

        • Jonathan

          Our healthcare system is fantastic. People from other countries come here for our healthcare system. We have the best doctors, facilities, and treatment. The vast majority of citizens are able to take advantage of it. The minority who cannot afford insurance or treatment is not a comment on the healthcare system as a whole. It is a privilege, not a right.

      • Jonathan

        Who says they are inadequate? Plenty of people do not even use the 2 weeks they do get. Plenty of people get a massive payout when they retire from all of the unused vacation time. Seems like it is more than adequate.

        • peace

          well, most companies won't actually give you a payout for unused vacation days, those go wasted, just like your lives as you sit behind your desks complaining, live a little, you might actually learn something about other cultures other than your own :), I hate people who say they'd rather work than take vacation days, your full of shit, or boring as hell

    • dedubs

      People who live in countries with this much vacation time also are extremely reliant on social welfare once they retire. Most of the social welfare programs are delinquent or are soon going to be.

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