Bad girls bend at the waist (34 Photos)

  • BobbaFett


    • IrishInNJ

      She is a joke and an embarrassment to all self respecting women. She tolerates, rewards and, as such, promotes domestic violence. Disgrace.

      • Huell

        KCCO, man… Lots of women put themselves through the same shit. Probably stems from her childhood like most cases.

        On the other hand, I did lose a tremendous amount of respect for her when it was rumored that she might have fucked Justin Bieber.

        • Lboogie13

          You down voted Huell for that comment? When he basically says to KCCO?

          Rihanna is smoking hot and she dates douchebags. Won't be the first chick featured on Chive that does so.

          • Huell

            Thanks. I think the Chive community just misunderstood me.

            All I was trying to say was she's not a bad person for loving Chris Brown.

    • Corey

      Is it just me, or that chick looks like Rihana?

    • Anjin-San

      Never been with a black girl.
      How are they in bed?

      • CanadianMedic


        • michael22


    • Guest

      #14 #19 #22 #27 Fantastic.

      No thanks to Rihanna. A horrible person.

      • BertoPop

        Rihanna makes mistakes just like everyone else. Don't hate. She's freakin hot! Plus she's a stoner. Got love that!

    • Guest

      You mean #8 right?

  • Thekev

    #18 Those legs are amazing!

    • Jon

      You have it all sweetheart

    • ZZ-Top

      She's got legs, she knows how to use them.
      She never begs, she knows how to choose them.
      She's holdin' leg wonderin' how to feel them.
      Would you get behind them if you could only find them?
      She's my baby, she's my baby,
      Yeah, it's alright.

      She's got hair down to her fanny.
      She's kinda jet set, try undo her panties.
      Everytime she's dancin' she knows what to do.
      Everybody wants to see if she can use it.
      She's so fine, she's all mine,
      Girl, you got it right.

    • ParanoidPilot

      Kudos to you for recognizing your natural assets. You are absolutely beautiful! Don't go changing.

    • DickFister

      Her legs are perfect: Feet at one end and heaven at the other

    • wayneb

      Look perfect to me!

    • westcoastguy

      moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!

    • Jezza67

      And self-confidence, which is more attractive than all the other factors combined. Thank you for the upload, you are now immortal.

    • Bel

      Mariyam? 🙂

  • Mikey

    # yes you do!

    • Mikey

      #18, that is…damn phone

  • Mike re

    #22 hope you get found..
    #24 send moar
    #29 yes please!

    • DongJuan

      #29…..Christy Mack. YW.

    • echogeo

      Jaime Koeppe, Canadian fitness expert. Wrestler too, I think.
      Her official web site has been idle for years. All attempts by her fans and former manager to contact her have gone unanswered…she truly must be found.

      • Found

        Well done, Chivers. The Mack strikes again…and always welcomingly. #29

    • guest

      I could ride #24 for at least 1639 straight days before getting tired of it.

  • FatMarc

    #18 yes you do!!

  • MAC

    Oh.My.Freaking AMAZING. I don't know how long I would last but it would be some to do some time trials.

    • MAC

      I was so excited I lost all ability to type a sentence…blah blah blah bumbling fool.

    • txchiver24

      all i know is i wouldnt be dissapointed. she would but not me!!

    • Tank

      we need a pic from behind her moar

    • Dan

      Porn star Christy Mack

    • Jason

      I want to be the closet rod

    • mike

      yup..i would kill someone just to be behind her lol MOAR plz

  • Ryan

    #33 we have a winner

    • A123

      viva la stool

  • Justin Cider

    I love the Chive!! #19

    • Sillycone

      reminds me, bathtub needs re-caulking …

  • self made

    #29……. well im done for the day

    • aaron

      Christy Mack NSFW

  • COChiver

    #19 #23 and #30 need to give moar. Too perfect.

    • Notknowing


    • Hara

      dude 30 is like all kinds of ermagherd.

  • sting51

    MOAR # 19

  • TheFrontier

    #10 #16 #26 It's hotter cause they're in the kitchen

    • QuickWit

      #16 has already done some great kitchen shots. Here's hoping she keeps it up. And feel free to move around the house a little more!

    • Brimstone

      Barefoot and pregnant with huge ass and boobs. That's how you like them.

  • Big Duke 6

    Just… wow. #18

    • Andy

      What he said!

  • Lugh

    I wish I could see the other side of #29. Now that would be one hell of a view.

    • Skrillex Hair

      You can. Google Christy Mack.. She has some loose beef curtains thoughs..

      • Lou

        Uggh, nevermind. She's kind of busted and all kinds of inked up. To hell with that.

  • IrishInNJ

    #4 Why ruin it with this dumb tart? Following that Chris Brown brat around like a battered puppy. She's an embarrassment to the Chivettes and all real women of honor.

    • AnItalianChiver


    • sleepy379


    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      yep. i've said that for a long time.


      • BertoPop

        Still would. Come on! She's hot. You guys act like you guys don't make mistakes.

    • ???

      Listen to you guys.

      It's the flipping Chive.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      I t see you don't understand battered women, thats ok, but stay curious, not judgmental.


    #29 face down ass up!

    • guest

      That's the way I like to f&$%.

  • momo19256

    Yes please.

  • tv_paul

    #26 What a woman. Not only is she hot but she can pull already frosted cupcakes out of the oven.

    • Frankie J

      Without oven mitts!

    • trigger

      You noticed the frosting??? I might have some bad news for you…

    • Just Me

      She's putting them in a cool oven to hide them so nobody eats them until she wants them to.

  • JohnT

    Just finished a 16.5 hour shift. #14 and this entire gallery was exactly what I needed. God bless you!

    • Hey now


  • Face down ass up

    #18 wouldn't kick out of bed, #29 done it that way a few times?

  • dave

    #18 you look perfect, #19 good lawd, #24 needs to be found and #29 you would never get off my floor.

    • ryan

      That last part about 29 sounds a lil creepy man

  • Tillman61

    #18 #29 – No bad girls that I can see…

  • zakattak67

    #18 wow. How bout some moar?!

    • JetBuilder777

      I second the motion for MOAR and think the butt and bewbs are fantastic as well. Kudos on the long legs from a NW Chiver

    • Dano


  • P90

    #5 #11 #20 #21

  • HoustonChiver

    #8 #22 Holy Ball-sack!!

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